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-->To date, the term «impotence» almost left the items specialists. It replaced the term «Erectile Dysfunction». However, regardless of the name, the disease of modern men is widespread. In most cases, the problem is complicated by the fact that patients did not immediately seek medical help: some prefer to suffer in silence, others have a lot of folk treatments and tips acquaintances. However, the problem of erectile dysfunction without the intervention of specialists continues to disrupt normal life of a man and his partner.
In 1922 the definition of erectile dysfunction sounds like the inability to perform sexual intercourse because of the inability to achieve erection male sexual organ. Accordingly, it is a serious obstacle for sexuality.
Erectile dysfunction today is far from uncommon.
Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction) - sexual impotence, inability to perform sexual intercourse and to achieve erection.
Forty of a hundred men who have reached 35-40-year-olds suffer from impotence. Weak erection or complete loss - a serious cause for resorting to urologists, but many men shy or afraid to hike to a specialist.
Forty of a hundred men who have reached 35-40-year-olds suffer from impotence. Weak erection or complete loss - a serious cause for resorting to urologists, but many men shy or afraid to hike to a specialist.
Factors that can cause impotence include inflammatory diseases of the digestive system, such as prostate, cystic, as well as hormonal disorders, injuries of the penis, receiving some medication, depression, diabetes, spinal injuries, operations in the organs of the pelvis.
Thus, the cause of erectile dysfunction can be a great many factors, which are a form of organic impotence. But the more common form is often referred to as psychological. In this case, impotence is caused by psychoneurosis characteristics of the male body.
Moreover, the psychological aspect appears even when the disease is caused by other factors mentioned above, the removal of the main causes of impotence in this case does not means the disappearance of psychological problems.
The problem of the reluctance of men to a professional takes great extent, people are not accustomed to turn to doctors with the problems of intimate nature. Meanwhile urologist better able to address the problems of impotence.
Types of impotence
Organic impotence
The organic impotence - is the progressive deterioration of potency, characterized by lowering the quality of erection. In this form of impotence night and morning erection does not happen. Factor in the development of organic impotence are vascular diseases. Studies show that men are not suffering from impotence, 20% of total sleep time were spontaneous erection.
Psychological impotence
Psychological impotence is always linked to developments in the lives of men and responds to any events (stress, depression). Night and morning erection does not disappear, often caused by the erection of erotic images, or visual stimulation.
There are some factors which concluded impotency form. For example, psychological impotence is always characterized by a sudden start, the persistence of spontaneous erection and the emergence of problems with potential only in certain circumstances. If the patient recognizes the existence of problems in the relationship, or any other adverse events in his life, the specialist is also likely to lean to the version of psychological impotence.
By contrast, the gradual emergence of problems with potency, lack of night-time erection, the inability to achieve erection under any circumstances, as well as normal libido and ejaculation, said of the organic nature of impotence.
Here are some tips to prevent impotency.
First, it is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is the correct and regular food, exercise, no smoking, alcohol and drugs. Second, watch your health, pay attention to your prescription drugs, because reception some of them cause impotence.
Try to maintain a regular sex life - a long break and sexual excesses also adversely affect your potency. In the area of injury pelvis or before the upcoming operation on the bodies of this area also should be consulted specialist urologist. The main thing to remember, to avoid health problems need time to see a doctor, who will pick up your good health drugs.

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