Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Strength training for muscles

The purpose of strength training is to increase muscle strength, shape formation by increasing lean body mass, as well as rendering individual muscle groups. Ultimately, the goal of strength training you define yourself. For example, you want to emphasize the beautiful thighs that they are not like thin (thick), shapeless sticks, and on the legs toned fitness models - except for strength training will not solve the problem.

If nature has given you the figure of "pear", then you need to work on reducing the volume of the thighs and buttocks, while some increase upper body. Again in this case, only strength training can correct the flaws of your body.

Strength training is the best complement the training program, even if you are struggling with excess weight (fat). They also accelerate the body's metabolism, so - alone you'll burn more calories. Strength exercises help to increase muscle mass, and is known to require enhanced muscle power.
Even if you change your diet to decrease calorie intake, you will still earn less fat, and may even lose weight, because the body's need for additional "fuel" will increase.
certain muscle groups.
Quite often, the power group training conducted in the aerobic mode. This is because the occupation is usually last for 50-60 minutes, and the desire of the client, respectively, to pump as much muscle to do more exercises, sets and repetitions to be a tire out yourself, set the pace of training. All exercises are performed one after another, with a second intervals, just to change the position of the body, equipment, or to wipe the sweat from his forehead.
Of course, this mode of strength training is ideal for those seeking to lose weight, but is unlikely to add significantly thin one person in the muscles. Certainly, the use of force training group is obvious. Become involved in muscle tone, increased muscular endurance (because the number of repetitions per set, 16 - 32), but light weight weights (weights 3.1 kg, 8.2 kg bodibary) again can only contribute to improving muscle relief.
And behold the same group plus strength training is the ability to slightly improve the shape, thus saving on the payment of personal training, as well as the presence of team spirit and "pressure" an instructor who is trying to squeeze out of you the required number of repetitions. The downside - the same for all the exercise program. Вodybuilding helps keep the body toned.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Why Do Fitness

Sports lifestyle increases the tone of the body, strengthens the immune system, gives beauty, health and longevity. Naturally, we are talking about amateur sports, the normalized stress on the body. Professional sport is quite traumatic, it is able to quickly worn out the human body.
In general, sport is good for people of all ages. It helps not to get sick, even in times of epidemics, always feel good and enjoy life. Weighty advantage of sport lies in the fact that each person can choose for themselves the most attractive of its kind. Anyone interested in team sports, someone chooses fitness, ice skating or swimming. Some people prefer to do gymnastics, aerobics, or charging the unit at home. The most important thing in sports - it's regular physical activity. Then the health benefits would be substantial.

The most important reason to be in sports, is the need to improve health, strengthen the heart, to control high blood pressure. The exercises performed on a regular basis, contribute to the resorption of potentially dangerous blood clots in the blood, slow down aging protsecc.

When you actively exercise, oxygen is literally gets into every cell of the body, so the skin is improved, and sometimes disappear, and acne. Improves blood circulation, improves reflexes. In regular classroom improves the function of capillaries (small blood vessels), which depend on the state of the most important functions of the body.

Do Sports tone muscles, making them strong and hardy. They become more elastic, and you - toned, attractive, sexy and flexible. Your joints take on large amplitude motions. Exercise helps to achieve ideal weight and maintain it, which can not be achieved by diet alone.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Bodybuilding and Men's Health

But in fact, bodybuilding has long ceased to be a simple exercise. Rather, it has grown into fitness - culture. In our world, has long been a "cult of the body," we draw beautiful slender girls, muscular men. Be a sport it is fashionable. And surely I am not mistaken if I say that to have an iron health is fine. Sure everyone knows Arnold Schwarzenegger - Iron Man, the world champion, winner of Mr. Universe and other titles. He not only broke all records in bodybuilding and conquered Hollywood and became the example for today's generation of young people. But he started out small.

There is a ridiculous assertion that all bodybuilders suffer from chronic impotence. This myth probably was invented by men, complete, totally ignoring the gym. For them, this is the last reason not to fall into the mud on the background of the person buffed, tanned opponent. Win-win option - after all, no one person in their right mind, would not decide clearly prove this wrong judgment. Although every rule has its exceptions, so be careful, man!

It should be mentioned that this error is not devoid of truth. Indeed, professional bodybuilders and really suffer from impotence. They consciously bring men's health in the body of the victim and the mountains inflated muscles. Exhausting workout, chemical additives, steroids - everything is very negative effect on male sexual health. But among bodybuilders, the percentage of professionals is quite small, so that this myth is not entirely true.

In fact, bodybuilding, not only does not diminish male power, but also significantly reduces the possible sexual problems. The fact is that during the bodybuilding your body produces large amounts of testosterone, which significantly increases the potency.

As proved by scientists, the most effective exercises to strengthen men's health are the squat bar with a signature stamp. Blood rushes to the pelvis actively, open cholesterol clogged blood vessels and your man's strength is growing by leaps and bounds. So you can decide whether or not you engage in sports.
Bodybuilding and men's health, that's what steroids are necessary for a beautiful body.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Male Sterilization (Vasectomy)

The most effective, simple, easy and relative inexpensive way to male contraception is male sterilization (vasectomy). The operation is blocking the vas deferens to prevent sperm patency. The operation is performed under local anesthesia for 10-15 minutes.

There are currently two versions of a vasectomy. The traditional way - layer by layer dissection of the skin and membranes to remove the testicle to the vas deferens injury. Postoperative complications are not clinically expressed (not more than 1.5% of operations). "No scalpel" method - the release of the vas deferens by means of a puncture. With this operation decreases the likelihood of complications, in particular the absence of a bruise.

After sterilization, is recommended to start sexual life in a week. Because the complete absence of sperm in the ejaculate is reached only after 15-20 ejaculations (or 3 months), during sexual intercourse, use condoms or other contraceptive methods for reliable contraception.
A man should firmly decide that such a method of contraception for him and his partner will be most appropriate, because after such an operation to restore fertility (ability to fertilize) is practically impossible. Generally, vasectomy - an irreversible sterilization method. However, some patients over time are willing to restore fertility. This is a common occurrence during the second marriage, death of a child, sometimes the desire to have the next child.

Restoration of fertility after voluntary sterilization conducted - one of the most difficult surgical operations. And even if the surgeon is highly qualified and experience does not guarantee the success of the operation in the following cases: long-term post-vasectomy elderly patient's age, presence of infertility in spouses, the method of sterilization carried out.