Saturday, October 18, 2008

Masturbation, guilt and morality

Perhaps because of the long-existing negative attitudes towards masturbation, the practice is not always free of guilt. About half of women and men report that engaging in masturbation, they somehow have this feeling. This seems to be no impact on how often engaged in masturbation men, but women have such a link exists. Women who are experiencing feelings of guilt from self-stimulation, less likely to have a positive physiological and psychological reactions to masturbation and less likely to report that met or adapted in sexual relations.
As is the case with other forms of sexual behavior, different cultures and religions associated with masturbation a variety of moral character. Judaism, Christianity and Islam were masturbation purely negative, but that attitude is the attitude of other religions, largely unchanged in relation to the receipt of new medical and psychological data. In support of sin masturbation is often quoted story of Onan. In the Old Testament tells how a man Onan sex with the sister of his deceased brother get before ejaculation its member "and poured his seed on the ground." God was angry and punish him with death. In fact, Onan, of course, has not masturbation, and practiced what is now known as coitus interrupts, used as a method of birth control. Either way, but still called masturbation and masturbation. Clearly, everyone deciding for themselves the question, whether or not masturbation is part of his sexual repertoire, should take into account the values of their religion, as well as their parents and peers.
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