Monday, October 20, 2008

Masturbation prevents cancer

-->Yes, it turns out that regular men almost completely protected from the development of prostate cancer. And this is happening because regular ejaculation prevents chemicals, leading to the development of cancer, accumulate in the prostate. And, unlike the classic sexual intercourse, masturbation in some ways more useful, because with its help you in any way, do not pick up sexually transmitted diseases. (And conversely, they could provoke or simply to increase the percentage of the risk of prostate cancer.)
Research carried out by Australian scientists showed that men who masturbated often between 20 and 50 years were less likely to develop prostate cancer (a poll conducted among the thousands of men, sick with cancer, and 1250 to avoid this fate). Besides, more often than men masturbated aged 20 to 30 years, the more likely that he will remain healthy in the future. (Ejaculation at least five times a week to three times better protects men from the development of such dangerous diseases like prostate cancer.)
Previous studies showed the opposite - that too frequent sexual intercourse and high activity of men in this respect rather on the contrary lead to cancer. But Australian researchers have refuted these figures, because earlier experiments did not take into account the protective effect of ejaculation, for the simple reason that tied her with sexual contact, often leading to sexually transmitted diseases.
A case of all is that ejaculation prevents carcinogenic substances accumulate in the prostate. The security process is as follows: prostate gland produces fluid that gets in semen and sperm will intensify, not allowing them to cling to each other. In this fluid is a large number of useful elements, including potassium, zinc, fructose and citric acid (all of which are extracted from the blood), and carcinogenic substances which are also included in the composition of cigarette smoke.
If a man does not masturbated, carcinogens accumulate. And the trend is clear and simple - the more happening ejaculation, so more and more male body disposes of these harmful substances. (Incidentally, such a link was discovered by scientists among breastfeeding and the development of breast cancer.)
Also, some scientists believe that frequent ejaculation forced prostate gland grow adequately, which also contributes to its resistance to carcinogens. And it is important to remember that it is not necessary to postpone the visit to the doctor, because only a good specialist can recommend the correct treatment and a healthy drug.

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