Thursday, December 17, 2009

Abnormal Curvature of the Penis

Having an abnormal curvature of the penis can be a problem in many men. It otherwise known as Peyronie's disease and affects 1-4% of all men. There are no known cause of the disease and pain is often felt in the initial stages of the disease. Usually, it resolves 20 to 18 months after onset. Most disheartening of all, it could make your penis smaller and narrower.

As a result, it can make sexual intercourse more difficult because it is painful to stretch and straighten the penis. It is commonly occurs in white men over the age of 40 and only occurs in the penis and not in any other body part. It has been suggested that it has a genetic component to the disease and is not contagious. Never straighten and stretch your penis without any advice or reading anything because it may cause serious injury to yourself and may actually increase the curvature of the condition.

Traction devices have approximately 33% success rate. However, the usage of these devices can actually cause a lot of damage to your penis if you're not careful enough. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions. Surgery should only be considered for exceptional cases and as a last resort. It should be performed by only skilled urological surgeons with some experience with corrective surgical techniques. Do not go to your local/general plastic surgeon because special knowledge is needed for these type of operations. The main thing to remember, to avoid health problems consult the doctor, who will pick up health drugs that could be ordered online..

Exercises are a great and natural way in improving your length and make your penis straighter. These exercises are needed to be performed daily and dramatic results should appear after a few weeks.