Friday, April 27, 2012


Orchitis - inflammation of the testicles is usually a complication after myocardial mumps. The disease occurs with a sudden fever, the patient's swollen and painful testicle. Symptoms persist for about a week. In the future, perhaps a gradual decrease in the size of the testicles (the so-called "shrinking") until the complete atrophying. This process may continue for a long time (two months) after the disease. Except for the most severe cases of testicular atrophy does not lead to complete infertility. However the affected testicle, usually produces less sperm than healthy.

To avoid the irreversible consequences of the patient must be under constant medical supervision until complete recovery.

Epididymitis - an inflammation of the epididymis, accompanied by an increase in the scrotum and a sharp pain in the testicles. The disease usually is unilateral. Symptoms of epididymitis include even a fever, painful urination, and spontaneous. The cause of disease, usually a viral infection or a fungal disease. In the absence of a timely and proper treatment of inflammation of the epididymis can lead to infertility and impotence.

Prostatitis, an inflammatory process occurring in the tissues of the prostate gland. The pathology usually is caused by a viral infection, hypothermia, prolonged sexual abstinence, untimely emptying of the bladder, a sedentary lifestyle. The disease is sometimes asymptomatic, but in severe cases, accompanied by pain in the perineum and scrotum, painful and frequent urination, chills and fever.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pain In The Scrotum

The testicles (testes) - a male sex glands that produce sperm and male hormones. Health testicular acts directly on the reproductive function and general physical condition of men.

This body has different sensitivity. It is considered that the most painful feeling in the human body is when the sore testicles in men. In such cases, significantly worse overall health of men. In addition to pain in the testicles nausea, weakness, sweating, irritability and even fear of death.

Most of the diseases that cause similar symptoms have been studied and described. Though not always the patient can identify the cause of discomfort. It is strongly recommended if the sore testicle to control palpation (feeling) the scrotum for the changes in body shape or size and will certainly see a specialist, urologist or andrologist.

It should be noted a number of characteristic symptoms, for which access to a doctor is necessary to:

A sudden sharp pain in the scrotum.
Drawing pain in the testicles, which are gradually increasing.
Pain in the testicles, accompanied by fever, nausea, chills.
Painful when touched to the testicles.
Changing the shape, size and density of one of the testicles.
When the control palpation revealed painful or painless deformation on the surface of the testis.
Long-term post-traumatic pain in the testicles (more than one hour after the injury).
Usually, to give a quick and simple answer to the question of why the testicles ache, it is difficult. But there are a number of the most probable causes of pain in this area.
The mechanical effect on the scrotum. Pain in the testicles occur as a result of injuries of varying severity. Usually, after the bumps and bruises appear sharp pain in the scrotum, which quickly goes away. In some cases, the pain comes the shock and loss of consciousness. In chronic scrotal trauma can be long-term growing pain in the testicles. In such cases, the integrity of the gland is usually not affected, but a timely appeal to the specialist will help avoid any unpleasant consequences. In the case of stabbing and cutting injuries is urgently needed medical intervention. Self-similar cases facing infertility or the loss of authority.

Infectious-viral diseases that cause inflammation. These conditions include orchitis, epididymitis, prostatitis, different diseases, sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia, mycoplasmosis.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Male longevity

Depression - a serious disease that requires medical treatment and care of a psychologist or therapist. Stress affects not only the human psyche, but also on his physical condition: the heartbeat quickens, blood pressure rises, increasing the risk of diabetes and ulcers, reduces levels of sex hormones and immune system deteriorates.
You can not treat contemptuously to symptoms such as loss of interest in life, the constant depression, fatigue, guilt, inability to concentrate, suicidal thoughts, poor sleep and appetite. Usually, depression - a consequence of prolonged stress. But men are more prone to them than women and more vulnerable to them. Among the clients of psychologists, only 30% of men, because they are very reluctant to admit they need help, and even more reluctant to accept it, preferring to mute distress, say, alcohol.

The mood is closely related to another important indicator of health - well-being. Unlike acute pain, which is hard not to draw attention to a variety of seemingly minor symptoms can be said about the impending experienced big problems. For example, chest pain, may be associated with the load on the spine, or malfunction of the heart. Dysfunction of the digestive system (nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, belching, bloating) may be due to a malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract. It should be remembered that these troubles, and a host of them in this often speak about the presence of the disease than are insignificant temporary indisposition.

Among the costs listed separately the problems in the sexual sphere, since they cause a man most intense physical and mental suffering. Impotence, premature ejaculation, cancer - all this seems so shameful that even scared to utter these words, not what to talk to your doctor. However, a timely appeal to the specialist, in most cases guarantee a complete cure and recovery of sexual activity. False shame and even blame for the problems in intimate sphere prevents the men march to the doctor. In such a situation is important support for a woman who does not detract from the dignity of his partner will be able to convince him not to ignore the unpleasant symptoms.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Men And Erections

In men, there is a very vulnerable place - it is an erection, it is very finely tuned mechanism. Statistics is a proof of this fact: after the age of 40 years or that erectile dysfunction is 39% of men in the group after 50 years - is 69%. Fortunately, not only male but also female population, in most cases, the problem has a solution. Often, this issue is not related to poor environmental and nervous work, but the ordinary ignorance.

Every man, afraid to be impotent, compares himself to the norm. But now the norm itself in the matter of sexual relations is so different for men, specialists, experts on the subject simply does not call for specific numbers of the "norm." It just depends on many factors such as temperament, age, specific work, individual characteristics, relationship with women in general and specific to the particular circumstances of life, and so on. So - an amazing thing for a healthy male norm can be of three sex acts per day to one a month.

Still, the average data are more specific: for men younger than 30 years, the average number of 3 or more acts in a week, after a 30 - 2-3 times a week, from 60 years of age and older - once every 8-9 days. Moreover, specialists in andrology male sexuality is considered the norm, 30 45-year-old man is able to perform a sex act per week. And if a man does not comply with the latest standard, not a week or two, but months and years, while experts say - not impotence and erectile dysfunction (ED).

Three degrees:

1 Easy - the problem is rarely seen, the frequency can not be established;
2 Moderate - every second case of a "misfire", the man is going through, sexuality lose their job satisfaction, but attempts to continue it;
3 Weight - one of five successful attempts, now a man avoids sexual contact.

Every man should know that there is no limit sexual acts, each released by nature. In sex, as in sport, the more - the better. Sexual intercourse for the endocrine, respiratory, muscular, cardio-vascular system is training. In a two-year sexual abstinence among men "unnecessary" feature dies, man becomes indifferent to sex - the so-called syndrome widower. If there was a break in a sexual relationship, the first time, problems are almost inevitable. Some attribute this to the woman's marital  infidelity and everything is just the opposite - erection problems are caused by forced abstinence.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Useful Properties of Ginger

Ginger - is a perennial herb of the ginger family. His place of origin - South Hindustan, and later spread to the ginger in all corners of our planet warm and is now grown in Australia, Africa and South America. But the main supplier countries of ginger are India and China.

Ginger walks around the mass of legends, and most of them is that the ginger is almost a panacea for many diseases. In fact, this statement is far from the truth, but let's talk about the beneficial properties of ginger for male health.
Ginger - is truly a miracle plant which is capable to give physical strength and maintain mental performance. Ginger contains essential oils, vitamin C, B1, B2, A and essential amino acids: valine, leucine, lysine, methionine, threonine, tryptophan and phenylalanine. These acids are not synthesized by the body and can be obtained only from the outside, but perform vital functions in metabolism (metabolism).

To feel useful properties of ginger, you need only eat a few slices. Almost instantly you will feel the powerful energy feeding and the need for action to implement the emerging opportunities.
Ginger is very useful for the prevention and treatment of colds, it should be taken when dealing with intestinal parasites, and it can be used to improve the appetite, to facilitate various kinds of pain and as a general tonic products.Koren ginger - excellent prevention of various diseases associated with sexual sphere. Eat a few slices of ginger a day and go in for sports, or at least more often go for long distances - this will save you from the prostate and other inflammations of the prostate. Ginger - a very strong plant, and its reception is able to restore male potency. Pungent taste of ginger makes the blood run faster, and nutrients that are contained in the root, the body is saturated with life force. Before the assignation eat a few cloves of ginger root and enjoy the effect!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Recommendations On Shaving For Men

Dermatologists recommend that men shave at least 15-20 minutes later, after they woke up. The human face of life of its own, but because he needs time in order to "wake up". Next, configure awakened person to meet with a razor.

Due to the lack of such training often do not occur very pleasant, as well as cuts to inflammation of the hair growing into. Prior to the need to shave to soften stubble, that machine was easier to cut hair. On how easy they are cut, determines the degree of stretching of the skin around each hair and, accordingly, the number of unpleasant sensations while shaving. Effectiveness of mitigation will provide pre-washing with soap and water or a soft gel, followed by rinsing the face with warm water.

Apply the foam to be shaved for two or three minutes to wait, it is necessary to the skin with stubble fully tested the action of the cream (foam) for shaving. Almost all of the shaving of the original, compatible with a certain type of skin.
To ease the daily suffering of the funds added softening extracts (aloe, chamomile, etc.) and vitamins, which reduce the sensitivity of the skin, reduce the burning sensation. Creams, gels and foams differ in density and concentration. This can significantly facilitate the movement of the machine.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Inflammation of the prostate

Inflammation of the prostate may occur for several reasons. The reason for the visit to the urologist, as a rule, is a violation of the bladder, resulting from compression of the urethra inflammation of the prostate gland. After that, begin to address the violations of the sexual sphere - there is early ejaculation, erectile disorder, and depression of orgasm. Inflammation of the prostate does not always occurs accompanied by the manifestation of all of these symptoms.

Prostatit is an inflammation, but some specific, particular, the causative agent of this disease have not, so there is no specific symptoms. However, if a man is sick in some chronic inflammatory nature, the pathogens can infect and prostate. Many doctors believe that the development of inflammation of the prostate is related to stagnation of blood in the capillaries. This may occur because of sedentary lifestyles, poor nutrition and poor environmental conditions. In addition, inflammation of the prostate is triggered by backflow of liquid urine that develops due to the high pressure inside the urethra. Then, usually develops a fever urethra, which can move to a more severe inflammation. In other words, the bacterial component is rarely a cause of inflammation of the prostate. The main causes of prostate inflammation are lack of exercise, such as sedentary work. Representatives of the stronger sex, suffering from frequent constipation who have had sexually transmitted diseases are also at big risk of inflammation.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Treatment of early ejaculation

Modern princip treatment of early ejaculation, is based on four basic methods of therapeutic interventions:
- A topical treatment;
- Sex therapy;
- Pharmacological treatment;
- Surgery.

It is worth noting that the local and pharmacological treatment - are specific methods for solving the problem, giving only a temporary improvement with early ejaculation. For a stable positive result, it takes a long comprehensive treatment of early ejaculation. Sex therapy, as a more effective method of eliminating early ejaculation, has its drawbacks, chief among which is a necessary condition of having a permanent partner, with whom men trust. The surgery allows for a very short time to achieve a positive result, which is then maintained throughout life. In addition, this approach may be the result of a rough estimate even before the intervention. Local treatment of early ejaculation is based on use during sexual contact, anesthetics, which block transmission of signals along nerve fibers, which are located in the head and shaft of penis male. Local treatment of early ejaculation are two ways:
- The use of condoms with special lubricant;
- The use of certain lubricants before sexual intercourse.