Friday, October 17, 2008


Masturbation (on the name of the biblical character of onanism; synonyms -masturbation,the artificial irritation of the erogenous zones (more frequent than its own sex organs) or the excitation of psyche for the purpose of obtaining sexual satisfaction (up to the orgasm and the ejaculation).Practices mutual masturbation (for example, between the homosexuals). It appears usually in the period of sexual ripening and ceases since the beginning of the sexual life. It is connected, first of all, with the biosocial disharmony, which is caused by awakening sexuality in that period, when the social maturity of personality still did not begin.
This disharmony is aggravated by the process of the accelerated increase and physical development (acceleration) of children and adolescents. To the masturbation, thus, they come running as to the means, which makes it possible to remove or to soften the manifestations of the physiological discomfort, caused by the biological need, which still cannot be satisfied by adequate way. The main thing to remember, to avoid health problems need time to see a doctor, who will pick up your good health drugs.
Together with the type of masturbation indicated, which appears in the pubertal period, is distinguished the masturbation of early ag, which is observed at the childhood, before the appearance of sexual inclination; substitute, that appears usually after the beginning of the sexual life (in women it is most frequently caused by irregular sexual life or sexual dissatisfaction); imitative, accomplished by adolescents into the imitation to contemporaries, who carry out masturbation; obtrusive, the masturbation of mentally sick, which is pathologic, with which the patients continue to masturbate even after the entrance into the marriage. In the heaviest cases last type masturbation practices in the absence, erections and orgasm.
Corrected position should be skillfully and tactfully, using individual approach, confidence conversation, councils. The moralizations and the pronunciations, which minimize the merit of child or adolescent, and also of threat, physical punishment, intimidation prove to be, as a rule, futile and even harmful. The basic efforts of parents and educators must be directed toward the correct physical and hygienic training of children and toward psychological reconstruction of the personality of adolescent. For warning the masturbation of child one should plot to sleep so that its hands would be on the surface of blanket, clothing must not be close.


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