Friday, October 17, 2008

Men's health

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The puzzled question is conceived in many: why onanism can cause any consequences of unpleasant nature, once it in its process is so coalescent with sexual report, t. - e. with the copulation. This we will answer by reference to the conclusions of researchers Fyurbingera and Kurshmana as the outstanding neuropathologists. Both of them indicate that the onanism is harmful, in the first place, fact that it begins it too early and implicates into the prolonged protracted processes, in the second place, it is very accessible. While man must search for woman for the satisfaction of sexual needs, the defect of onanism is accessible to it into any minute, and it gives self up to it without the participation of opposite floor excessively.
The influence, which onanism manifests to the nervous system - extremely dangerous, since entire nervous system in man is constantly inflamed from the possibility of frequent manipulations.
This aggravates another concept fact that, which comes running to the onanism, survives moral drop, since he feels after satisfaction, that completed something the vicious. In the soul the fight between the debt, the moral state its and physical need appears, then that we calls „the pangs of conscience ", it affects nervous system and in the betrothal with the physical report is caused the extremely oppressed state of spirit, and it again draws this latter to excitations and repetitions of masturbation.
However, in majority the discomfort, which rapidly passes, the sensation, during which volitional instincts be inferior the place for the instincts of voluptuousness, appear, and man is brought down into the abyss. The naturalness of approach to the possibility to satisfy itself into any minute considerably, of course, is differed from the report of copulation, with which the temperature of bodies, which accompanies enjoyment, guarantees the specific physical enjoyment, that causes the highest stress up to the permission of report.
The contradictions, which arose in connection with a question about what ruinous consequences begin from the onanism, afterward state aboved, are completely obvious. Different doctors characterized the consequences of onanism, depending on its various results. The main thing to remember, to avoid health problems need time to see a doctor, who will pick up your good health drugs.

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