Saturday, October 18, 2008

How to stop premature ejaculation?

-->Ejaculation- is the result of reflex muscle contraction. In the men's sexual initiation is a time when it can not be avoided.Many men suffer anxiety, believing that they reach that point too quickly. They believe that they could get much more pleasure from sexual intercourse and the woman reaches orgasm easier, if a man can delay ejaculation at least for a few minutes.
However, there is no absolute test of relations. And you need to remember that often meet women is not only the length abrasion marks, but from its initiation and preliminary preparation.
Before starting the sexual act, make sure that your partner is fully initiated. Preliminary love should last at least 20 minutes, so that even with a short sexual intercourse love communication has not been hasty.
Almost all men no control over ejaculation, as they begin their sexual activity or during severe sexual initiation with the new sexual relationships. If you belong to this category, as described here tips can help you develop more control.
I.The relatively simple method - wait 15-30 minutes after ejaculation and then, if you can achieve erection again, repeat sexual intercourse. At this time the threshold of ejaculation and improved relations is likely to last longer. This technique is especially effective when you are young and sexually inexperienced (as far as growing up control automatically develops).
II.The next series of exercises called the technique "stop-start". They developed by Dr. James Simansom and are designed to teach a man to keep excitement below the point where ejaculation is inevitable. Most men who perform these exercises, seeking control over ejaculation for 2-10 weeks. With their implementation will require cooperation attractive partner. Single men can achieve good control, carrying out at least the first three steps of the "stop-start". They include only manual stimulation without the assistance of another person.
1) It stimulates their genitals dry hand, focusing on the pleasant sensations in the penis and not on sexual fantasies, usually associated with masturbation. When you feel that you are ready to ejaculation, stop and rest. Start again, when you will no longer feel the closeness of orgasm. Repeat the procedure for "stop-start", deliberately trying to delay ejaculation for 15 minutes. First, it means you may not be possible, but keep such a drill until you will not have three consecutive 15-minute sessions with premature ejaculation.
2) The next step - the same exercise with the use of lubricants, which would provide a much stronger sense, so that control your orgasm will be difficult. The purpose of old - delay ejaculation in three consecutive 15 - minute conversation.
3) You have developed a self-sufficient, to try to contain your excitement, not stopping to stimulate your penis. When you come in the rampage, change the stimulation so that the excitement settled. To do this, you can slacken the pace, a different type of stroke or pressure, to focus on less sensitive areas of the penis.
4) From this moment partner becomes active participant. First, explain to her the procedure that you perform. Then, when it stimulates your penis dry hand, you're lying on your back, closing his eyes and concentrate on your feelings as you did in the first stage of the exercises. Once you feel that ejaculation is close, ask a partner to stay for a few minutes and allow the initiation of travel. As before, try to contain ejaculation for 15 minutes and make the next step only after three consecutive successful sessions.
5) Repeat the drill 4, but this time with lubrication. Just enjoy the growing excitement and not let anything distract you. If you feel too fast approaching orgasm, ask partner to stay until the excitation activity decay.
6) The successful follow-up exercises 5 shows that now control enough to apply the technique "a stop-start" during sexual intercourse. To begin with the best, if the partner will be home to lie to you. Since the introduction of the penis, put his hands on her hips to guide her and ask her to move gently up and down. Stop it, as only feel ejaculation approximation, and start again when the state will take place.
7) Repeat sex in different positions: the side, rear, and then go to a pose "a man above", it hardest to delay ejaculation. The main thing to remember, to avoid health problems need time to see a doctor, who will pick up your good health drugs.

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