Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Health problems

Erectile dysfunction can be observed every fifth man and be the first symptom of future cardiovascular diseases. These findings came after doctors three new studies erectile dysfunction.
In a 2000 survey of American men conducted by researchers at the University of California Los Angels found that 6.5% of men aged 20 to 30 years old suffer from erectile dysfunction. At the age of 75 years and over these men have already ¾. The main thing to remember, to avoid health problems need time to see a doctor, who will pick up your good health drugs.
Erectile dysfunction - is often repeated lack of erection or the presence of weak erection, insufficient for the sexual act. Mean while, because of the intimate nature of the problem is difficult to estimate how many men her face.
Obesity, high blood pressure, smoking and diabetes, the researchers identified as factors that increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. It was also discovered that for Latin American men the risk of erectile dysfunction is almost twice that for whites. For this reason, in the U.S. from this problem may suffer more men than in Britain, where Hispanics are much smaller.
Two other studies have shown the link between sexual problems and the availability of chronic diseases. Scientists suggest that Erectile dysfunction can be a kind of warning from the body that will soon appear in humans and other health problems.
The research scientists from the University of Chicago hospital found that men with erectile dysfunction may suffer more severe forms of coronary heart disease than not having problems with potency. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction are more likely to occur heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.
Scientists say that analysis and monitoring of sexual function may be useful in determining the degree of risk in patients suffering from coronary heart disease.

Instructions exercises

Lubricated his penis. Sitting on the edge of a sofa or bed, start to stroke it around and around a large index finger. When moving the hands of the founding members to head a firm hold hostage, trying to maximize stretch the skin.
Each time, returning to the base of the penis, slightly increases the seizure to delay as much blood in penises. Then repeat the motion from the base to the head.
Gradually increase speed, while not diminishing the capture. You should feel the excitement. Get the full erection. After reaching absolute erection again seize large and index fingers at the base of the penis and try to keep the blood in the erectile tissue member.
While the seizure of the base member, the other hand take it at the base of the head. Try to stretch as far as possible, a member without discomfort. Extend his right and hold for 10 seconds. Then straight delay - 10 sec. Now the left, delayed 10 seconds. And finally, tilt it down, and again hold for 10 seconds. Repeat all four phases of the exercises four times a delay of 10 seconds. All the activity you'll need no more than 5 minutes.
After graduation exercises, loosen the capture of the base member. You should feel as the blood begins to ebb. At this moment might happen ejaculation. Remember that the abundance grease and strong seizure - this is the basic precautions. In no case you should not prevent the taking of blood circulation. This technique should not bring you any painful sensations or discomfort. If during exercise you will feel pain, you should suspend classes, again carefully read the instructions. The main thing to remember, to avoid health problems need time to see a doctor, who will pick up your good health drugs.
Completion exercises
The following tips will help you to complete your training. Heat and massage will improve results. Your testicles are trying to maintain the temperature at 34 degrees to ensure the viability of the seed. Warming-up can help you restore any problems with nerves and sensitivity, which may arise from your classes to increase. After the train gently pad your penis for several minutes. Optionally, you can use this herbal moisturizing cream. After the massage, you can again impose heating compression is the deletion of your penis in the tub with warm water for a few minutes. These warm procedure will improve blood circulation and help your penis recover after exercise. Carefully dry off penis towel after the procedure.

Exercises to increase penis

Probably everyone who worked or engaged in sports, ever so think about whether "inflated" member. Indeed, a member of the body of evidence such as the biceps, and triceps t.d.Penis it is not muscle, so the "inflated" it will fail. And even if it was muscle imagine any activity that could be carried out. Is that lifting dumb-bell.
And still increase the size of the penis can be and this has proved 125 times (if you do not believe ask your urologist). There are all kinds of drugs and devices, but talk about them now would not. And he goes about the natural way to increase membership, that is about the special exercises for the effect of growth.
What you need to know to achieve results?
Of course, you need to keep in good working condition himself body. But the most important - you need to understand that achieving results takes time and regular classes.
Do you need this?
Think twice before you begin "training". Exercises to reduce the size there. Also recommend to consult with your doctor (Superfluous careful not prevent).
The introduction of technology to increase penis
Actually there are many different techniques and sets of exercises to increase membership, in general, they are all similar and promising result. We can not say that there is a technician is inefficient, most of it is the regularity of employment, then the result will be.
Present technology is ideal for those who tragically did not have enough time to devote at least one hour daily regular training. These exercises taken away from you no more than 5 minutes, but can increase your penis by 3 cm in a few months. These exercises are convenient because you can make them several times a day. Do not be afraid to repeat them two to three times daily. The purpose of this technology is to create tension in the erectile tissue by stretching the skin of penis, located in the excited state. This not only makes the skin more elastic penis, but increases the penis cells, so-called corpora cavernous. The increase in affluent blood automatically entail an increase in the total mass of your penis. The main thing to remember, to avoid health problems need time to see a doctor, who will pick up your good health drugs.

Smoking and health

The harm of smoking for men. Nicotine very unfortunate impact on the sexual possibilities of smokers, especially those who are still young. As evidenced by recent studies on the dangers of smoking for men's health, abacus, including the good, significantly increases the likelihood of impotence.
The harm of smoking in adulthood. As it turned out, is especially dangerous to smoke 40-year-old man. Those who applied to cigarettes in this age, the risk of being impotent to three times higher than for nonsmokers. A 50-60-year-old representatives of a strong gender weak erection can also be attributed to fad nicotine, but not as much as 40 years.
But 70-year nicotine is no longer in a position to damaging. At this age, men become impotent for other reasons. Here, in the first place are: diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. "Smoking is more apparent impact on erectile dysfunction (both doctors called impotence) in young smokers than among older people," - described in the report of Hades and Jacobson, published in the latest issue of the professional edition of American Journal of Epidemiology.
The harm of smoking to the circulatory system. So far, however, do not understand why this happens. It is believed that smoking is bad effect on the circulatory system, which does not have enough blood penis, preventing erection. Incidentally, if a man does not benefit women and that he did not smoke - hence, the badinage serious problems with the circulatory system.
The harm of smoking to the circulatory system. "Erectile dysfunction is often a manifestation of underlying cardiovascular disease, it is preceded by steroidal and can be early warning about this" - said Dry. Andrew Mak-Kallog, director of male sexual health at New York University. It's like with water, continues the scientist. If you include tap in the kitchen, but no water, this does not mean that it necessarily broken: it is possible that clogged pipes.
A similar situation with the sexual system in men. If it remains indifferent to the intimate proximity with a favorite person, this does not mean that came out of a male "tap". It is possible that the work it prevents organic "dirt" and "rust" - cholesterol, which settles on the walls of arteries and impedes the current blood.
Serious Think about the harm of smoking, it is better to quit. The main thing to remember, to avoid health problems need time to see a doctor, who will pick up your good health drugs.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kiss for health

Anyone who likes to kiss, live on average 12 years longer than someone who does not like this activity. But that's not all pluses kiss ...
Prevents stress
Kiss calms the nervous system and prevents stress. When we kissing in our body not only occur various biochemical reactions, crushing stress hormones, but hormones are happy - endocrine. For one kiss in the body is released soothing dose of hormones, exceeding the minimum dose of morphine! That is why lovers kiss - is optimistic, self-confidence.
It helps lose weight
Each kiss burned about 12 collieries. Minute of this pleasant contact amounted to scamper for 500 meters. Just three kiss a day - and a kilogram as there is no! Not surprisingly, the lovers are always very lose flesh: is he does not want, but kissing ...
Soothes the pain
Kiss is good to maintain the overall tone the body. But even this step - a powerful therapeutic tool that has no side effects and contraindications. Thanks within the saliva hormone endocrine long passionate kiss can be very effective anesthetics, such as headache or toothache.
Reduces the risk of heart attack
The easiest kissing increases the frequency of cuts heart. This blood runs faster on the receptacle, which is very beneficial to the cells: they get more oxygen. After the kiss lungs begin to work strenuously mode: 60 inhalations per minute instead of the usual 20. Such «ventilation» - the best prevention of lung disease. Scientists also found that long, passionate kiss, not only lowers blood pressure, but also the amount of cholesterol in the blood, thus reducing the risk of heart attack.
Kissing and dentists recommend. The staff of the Chicago Dental Institute found that the increased allocation of saliva, rich in calcium and phosphorus compounds, protects teeth from caries no worse than «Orbit» without sugar. DRP. Elf Being of the Austrian Academy of General Medicine argues that the kiss is helping to develop immunity.
It has rejuvenating effect
The physical benefits kissing is to train, which are subject to various areas of: it was shown that in the kiss involving 31 muscle language and lip and 25 facial muscles. The skin is better supplied with blood and slow aging. But remember: all useful characteristics kiss emanate from him when he was really passionate and desirable. And it is important to remember that it is not necessary to postpone the visit to the doctor, because only a good specialist can recommend the correct treatment and a healthy drug.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sexual Health

Sexual health - or sexual health - is a set of somatic, emotional and social aspects of sexual life. Sexual health positively enriches the person, increases the sociability of man and his ability to love. Everyone has the right to information in the field of sexuality and sex education, both believed the World Health Organization.
Sexual health of men and women - condition for optimal implementation embodied in the person of opportunities, its individual, biological and social characteristics.
Normal sexual health, men and women - is their ability to control pleasure and sexual behavior and reproduction in accordance with the norms of social and personal ethics. This freedom from fear, shame and guilt, misconceptions and psychological factors that suppress sexual response and violating the sexual relationship. Sexual health implies the absence of organic disorders, diseases, preventing the implementation of sexual and reproductive functions.It may be that you deal with these problems, you should consult a doctor who will advise you health drugs.
The ability to control pleasure and sexual behavior in humans is gradually emerging in the development process. Before the onset of a mature man is not considered sexual health. In everyday life the state of sexual health and sexual disorder depend on the constitution and age, men or women, social conditions, especially sexual partner.

Sexual neuroses

Sexual neuroses - is psychogenic reversible functional disorder sexual sphere. Sexual neuroses manifest violations of sexual function in men or women under the psychological traumatic experience factors. Highlights 2 group of neurotic disorders: neuroses (more severe and prolonged state) and neurotic reaction (more light and short-term disorder).
By sexual neurosis include sexual misconduct that have arisen as a result of distorted, neurotic personality development in childhood, long-term exposure to traumatic factors. Such neuroses manifest themselves at the first attempt to start a joint life and chronic flow.
When sexual neurosis except for violations of sexual function disorders, there are usually other systems, common manifestations of neurosis. Most experts considered unreasonable allocation of separate sexual neuroses, sexual neurasthenia, mental impotence as sexual disorders cause or consequence of neurotic states. Any form of sexual neurosis (hysterical, neurosis obsessions states, neurotic depression, neurasthenia) may be sexual violations: from modest decline in sex (libido) to the total lack of erection or ejaculation in men. There may be situations where neurosis arises against the backdrop of a sexual disorder, caused no trauma and other causes.It may be that you deal with these problems, you should consult a doctor who will advise you health drugs.
Sexual neurotic reactions occur at any age, developed after exposure to traumatic factor. Traumatic factor is usually well known and understood patients. The most common mental injuries are systematic adultery or abandonment of the family of one of the spouses. For a woman traumatic factor is the low sexual culture and lack of sexual experience with a partner, rape, abortion, fear of unwanted pregnancy, men - women misconduct, fright during sexual intercourse, contamination or fear of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. It is important to insufficient knowledge of psychophysiology sexuality.


Modern culture is actively cultivates the image of the male macho and sex giant, which «may» literally forever. But let's see the truth: Macho - the same people, and nothing human is alien to him did not. Even the most «iron» and strong-willed man is not immune from erectile dysfunction. Why? Because erection - is a delicate and complicated process, which depends on a combination of many psychological and physiological factors.
The process of erection is as follows: as a result of sexual initiation of the so-called cavernous and sponge the body of the penis filled with blood. These represent a body like an increase of vessels, to be exact - vascular network. Filled with blood, they have increased and become elastic, which results in the results. But the initial impetus to the emergence of erection comes from the brain. The reasons for erectile dysfunction may well lie in the fields of psychology, and in the field of physiology.
Problems with erection may occur against a background of fatigue, not getting enough sleep or, say, the conflict with a partner - but in this case, Recreation and frank conversation quickly remedy the situation. Just another question - if a problem with erection become permanent. In such a case, you must thoroughly check the health, it erectile dysfunction - this is just one manifestation and a consequence of diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, hypertension, chronic protestations, etc.
And, of course, in addition to the treatment of major diseases, which could lead to a breach of erection, modern medicine has an extensive arsenal of tools that solve the problem of erectile dysfunction. Already a long-practiced methods such as injecting drugs, which are imposed syringe into the body of the penis, or suppositories for the introduction of urethra. Currently, these techniques therapy erectile dysfunction are considered obsolete and often unsafe. Today, their place was taken by drugs group inhibitors phosphorescence's 5-type. Products in this group provide a relaxation of smooth muscles in the walls of arteries, thus increasing the inflow of blood to tissues of the penis, and a man can achieve erection sufficient for full sexual intercourse. And it is important to remember that it is not necessary to postpone the visit to the doctor, because only a good specialist can recommend the correct treatment and a healthy drug.

Monday, December 15, 2008

For the men's health

If you talk about men's health, then start it should be noted features of men. Differ is powered women and men? After all, we all eat the same food, not merely men's and women's meals, no men's and women's restaurants, but recently doctors and dietitians are increasingly talking about "male" and "feminine" diet.
What is wrong?
The answer is simple: there is a list of foods that are very positive impact it is the male (or female) health. Since it came exactly on the men, then stop for food for men. Let's try to compile a portrait of the average male.
Typically, the average man - pronounced eat meat, giving a nourishing and fatty meat dishes of meat and poultry. In addition, most men abused smoking and spirits. It is among men negligible percentage of vegetarians, and men are very keenly experiencing life's turmoil and the problems all by trying not to show the mind. More recently, demographers, doctors, and indeed the entire population, including men themselves, not the joke of concern the sharp increase in morbidity and mortality among the male population. Increasingly, you can hear a proposal to reduce the retirement age for men for the simple reason that many simply do not survive to retirement age! Statistics looks terrible. Therefore, public attention is gradually shifting to no awareness of the problem (it has long been understood), and at its decision. And one of the main reasons for this state of affairs is unhealthy diet and not picked diet.
Specialists in nutrition agree that it is very useful for all types of male health seafood. Seafood except for the high content of nutrients, improving cardiovascular activity, a significant percentage of zinc. Zinc prevents the development of diseases related to the prostate, improves immunity and potency, promotes healing, increases the formulation of sperm. Surplus of zinc in the body found quite difficult, usually found in the misuse of zinc-containing drugs, but lack the substance extremely negative impact on men's health. So the best way to fill the shortage of zinc - regularly eat seafood. One of the main characteristics of men is to maintain muscle and bone mass. In this case, there is no universal product that fully resolves the problem. Therefore, if a young man or a man faced with a shortage of muscle mass or even dystrophy (also a frequent especially among young people) in the first place is to think about nutrition. The main thing to remember, to avoid health problems need time to see a doctor, who will pick up your good health drugs.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Viagra and quality of life

For the first time thanks to high efficiency, naturalness of his action and a minimum number of side effects have been successfully tested OZKZH people with erectile dysfunction against the backdrop of the regular admission of the drug. It seems that the positive effects of health drug Viagra on the quality of life of men, it was so obvious that these studies are not among the priorities. The founder of modern sexology William H. Masters and Virginia Johnson were among the first to establish a link between the presence of ED disorders and psychological spheres, and proved mechanism for psychological disorders and ED. They said that the case is not in the non "Freudian" view of sexuality and its impact on all human behavior, but rather an exceptional biological importance of sexual function, that the evolutionary put it on top of the significance of the place. In addition, they had suggested that all options for the scope of sexual disorders in men, namely the reduction of libido, a violation of excitation, disorder and quality of erection of orgasm, it is a violation of erection is the most traumatic psychological factor (up to the suicide attempts).

A prerequisite for the study OZKZH in patients with ED taking the drug Viagra, have accumulated a large quantity of evidence about the credibility of lowering the quality of life of patients suffering from violations of erectile function. In a large number of studies OZKZH in groups of men with ED, unlike standardized by race, age, concomitant diseases, etc. Groups of comparison, was found credible reduction in the number of points in such settings OZKZH as general health, vitality, and (which is legitimate) mental health. The study included sixteen men aged 48 to 72 years (average age 54 years). Previously, none of these patients are not treated at the ED.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Prostate adenoma

Prostate adenoma today is one of the leading positions in urological pathology. Adenoma - is hyperplasia of the prostate, which is benign in nature. Anatomical features of the structure of the male urinary system, where the urethra passes directly through the prostate, makes it one of the most striking clinical signs of disease. The patient brings a complaint of a violation of urination as a result compression urethra tumor of the prostate. If you have any feelings of discomfort during urination, do not delay a visit to the urologist. In our clinic all conditions for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the prostate.
It must be said that the prostate adenoma can occur almost any men over age category. If urination becomes a rapid pulse, but low productivity, reduced urine stream, and there are night urge to urination - is the time to seek medical assistance from the urologist. Do not miss this moment, because early detection and treatment of diseases contribute to the full removal of the prostate adenoma and prevent its complications. In the long course of the disease, there is a need to strain the abdominal wall muscles in order to empty the bladder, otherwise the urine derives vertical trickle. In the absence of treatment may develop kidney failure, severe delay urination, the appearance of inclusions in the analysis of urine red. Patients have a complaint to the pain in the lower divisions of the stomach, feeling the overflow bladder, urinary incontinence. It may be that you deal with these problems, you should consult a doctor who will advise you health drugs.

Exercise plus Viagra

«In all likelihood exercise contribute to erection, as well as improve the general state of the cardiovascular system», commented G. Fildman, author of the study, described in the journal Urology in the article «Same as good for your heart, it is useful for potency and Conversely ».
For specialists monitoring, approximately half of men aged 40 - 70 years there are any problems with potency. While the reasons for such dysfunction can serve a variety of factors, from physical to emotional, more often than not this kind of problem occur in men with a violation of the circulation of blood circulation.
For the study were selected 600 men aged 40 years with no complaints about the disorder potency.
After 8 years for 17% of selected men developed impotence. It was expected that smoking, drinking heavily and persons with various degrees of obesity problems with potential will be much sooner. So, actually happened. But those who give up smoking, drinking, sat on a diet to reduce weight does not improve its capacity with regard to potency.
According to the scientists, the lack of normal physical activity is also resulting in lower potency. Men who had regularly perform physical exercise, or to continue to fulfill them has decreased the risk of impotence. If required, the physicians to prescribe Viagra because only healthy drugs, which are not harmful to humans.
Interestingly, the effect of dosing physical exertion increases with its intensity. So in persons, «light» at least 200 calories per training session, the risk of impotence dropped by half.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

To show the Viagra and how to take

So, «Viagra» is intended to apply to people suffering from erectile dysfunction of different origins - whether the defeat of vessels or nerves of the penis. An exception may be only a rough fibrosis cavernous bodies of the penis because in this case, the inflow of blood to the penis is not likely to cause patient improved and the so-called «pathological venous drainage cavernous bodies», which resulted in the outflow of blood from the penis too selenium, which makes it impossible to its erection.

Take «Viagra» is very simple. All you have to do is take a pill about an hour before sexual activity. After about 30-60 minutes begins operation «Viagra» and lasts for four hours. But the effect of «Viagra» will start only in response to sexual stimulation.

It is best to take «Viagra» to eat, because in that case it would act quickly. If you accept «Viagra» after meals, especially if you were eating fatty food, your body will need more time to assimilate the drug and it will be operational later.

Step «Viagra» is that you need to take it only when you want to commit a sexual act. «Viagra» should not take more than once a day.

You know it is important that the product «Viagra» is not a stimulant, and, therefore, simply receiving the pill without sexual stimulation does not cause you erection.If required, only the physicians to prescribe viagra because only healthy drugs, which are not harmful to humans.

As Viagra acts on alliance

Interestingly, when Viagra came on sale only in the United States of America, to sexual pathologist stood out above all ... Concerned wives. They are indeed not without reason, seriously afraid that their husbands - Atkinson, getting into the hands of the "hellish" preparation cast their wives and going to miss. It would seem that if a man has long forgotten that this is sexual adventure, suddenly gets fast and powerful young man, he must necessarily have a libidinous, but may (on the horror!) And not one!

But later it turned out that all the fears of the noble mothers of families are without any foundation. As it is not paradoxical at first glance, family ties Viagra only strengthened. It turned out that the emergence of family rights self-confidence, this father of the family contributes to the harmonization of relations between the partners. And a man in this situation prefer long, "tested" versions of sexual proximity, is not seeking to doubtful adventures on the side.

In addition, it should not be forgotten that «Viagra» began to use not only men but also women. In some cases, women are not capable in the past to reach orgasm, when receiving «Viagra» were able to get the full pleasure of sex proximity with a favorite person. Again, as numerous polls have shown that women prefer to love a man with whom they have lived together many years.

In addition to the above considerations, we believe it clear, moreover, that the number of divorces could be reduced by improving the quality of sexual life in family pairs. After all, no secret that a considerable number of divorce cases are based on dissatisfaction with the spouses is in the sexual sphere.

So the concerns to the integrity of families in the light of the emergence of erectile dysfunction pills seem to us, to put it mildly, false. Moreover, we want to believe that gaining confidence in sexual activity would strengthen family ties and understanding between the spouses.In order not to harm their health, the application should be interesting to learn more about your product, because it should take only healthy drugs.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Beer and Men's Health

Pharmacological effects of beer is that it is indeed very conducive to rest, solace. In the 20 the years of the century it had recommended as a sedative (ie, a sedative) tool. Thus, with beer people accustom themselves not only to the usual heady action of alcohol, but also to sedatives. It takes a while, and it has already become an indispensable element of rest, calming. Increasing doses of beer, alcoholic excesses appear, there were failures of memory. The first day was postponed to drink all the earlier deadline - early evening, the lateness of the day, at noon, and, finally, in the morning. An alcohol, beer is a habit and biochemistry.
Medical facts:

- Beer is rapidly absorbed into the body to be overcrowded blood track, with large quantities of alcohol raises varicose veins and expand the borders of heart. X-ray called this phenomenon syndrome «Beer hearts».
- If you abuse the beer becomes flabby and its functions living engine lost.
- In response to the admission of beer in the men's body begins to stand out - particularly in the liver - pathological agent that inhibits the formulation of the main male sex hormone interferometers.
- As a result, are beginning to produce female sex hormones. Is becoming increasingly hip, growing breast, which is beginning to stand out colostrums.
- Women in proportion to increasing the likelihood of falling ill breast cancer.
- Is dangerous to drink beer mother nursing an infant. A child may be epileptic seizures, but over time it may be, and epilepsy.
The main thing to remember, to avoid health problems need time to see a doctor, who will pick up your good health drugs.

Infertility smokers

Infertility smokers ... Until such a diagnosis does not exist, but perhaps all is that he can not become less common conclusion than many other connecting, at first glance, unrelated events among themselves.

No one has long had no doubt that smoking harms health, increasing the risk of developing lung disease, stomach, heart, vascular, liver, etc. Later it became known that among women who habitually smoking in the analysis, less mature eggs, and their survival and the ability to cut insemination. And it shows, no matter the age or the excellent overall health of future mothers. Perhaps this is a most subtle damage reproductive cells, which occurs long before the whole body will suffer. In any case, such a phenomenon is known in areas with adverse environmental conditions, which has been steadily increasing percentage of sterile couples and children born with congenital pathology. The main thing to remember, to avoid health problems need time to see a doctor, who will pick up your good health drugs.

Pain in the testicles

Pain in the testicles. This is probably one of the most acute senses that a man can move in their lives. Even if the pain is not related to an immediate threat to life and health, she unnerve the man, is the fear of death, accompanied by heavy sweating, nausea and vomiting.
The most common pain in the testicles occurs in acute trauma scrotum. More rarely, it develops gradually, if the injury scrotum chronic and not too strong in itself. Violation of the integrity of the testicles are extremely rare, but the usual blow to this delicate organ can lead to immediate loss of consciousness.
Sometimes, severe pain in the testicles developed against the backdrop of a full well-being, without any impact on the scrotum. It happens when overview testicle. Testicle suspended for seed funicular, which contains the blood vessels and deferent duct. Sometimes testicle modifies its position, twisting around the longitudinal axis. This leads to overview seed funicular at 360 degrees, interrupting blood testis, squeezing deferent duct. If not provided urgent medical care (up to the surgery), the testicle may be to die out.
Pain in the testicles with epidemics - inflammation appendage testicle - may also be a strong past endurance. But the man himself may be felt scrotum and what testis increased, while painful touch. Message to the doctor necessarily - an inflammation can lead to infertility and impotency.
Varicose, as a cause of acute pain in the testicles, it is quite rare. Typically, if the varicose is accompanied by pain, it is growing steadily, although it may have a strong character and unendurable.
Inguinal hernia can cause pain in the testicles, if the scrotum down a large volume of intestine, which provides physical pressure on the testicles.
It's a pain in the testicles, as a reflection of pain sensitivity with Chronic lung disease, tumors and kidney cyst. A survey from the urologist is needed if you do not see the real causes of pain.
What are the symptoms of dangerous and require treatment to a doctor?
1. You feel the pain you touch the one or both testicles.
2. One testicle was larger than the other, a lighter, altered form.
3. You felt sudden pain in the testicle.
4. You felt the pain in the scrotum, which has been gradually increasing.
5. You feel pain in the scrotum, which is accompanied by nausea, faintness, vomiting, increased body temperature.
6. The pain came after the injury scrotum and not subsided within an hour.
7. In the control testicles feeling you have identified one of the testicles or uneven camber (painful or painless), which did not exist previously.
Do not try to wait the pain - sometimes it goes against the backdrop of scarring in the testis, or deferent duct.A this is infertility.
The main thing to remember, to avoid health problems need time to see a doctor, who will pick up your good health drugs.

Factors affecting on the reproductive health of men

What affects the reproductive function of men? Certainly, a representative of a strong sex is confident his 100%! But where the evidence?
Men's reproductive organs are located inside the body, both inside and outside. Testicles produce sperm and hormone testosterone, responsible for the formation of sex. Of the testes sperm enters the spiral canals epidemics - organ-preserving and supply sperm as they mature. Mature sperm of duct enters the seed bubbles - two glands that preserve the sperm.
The whole process spermatozoa until full maturation takes approximately 72 days. When ejaculation secret seed bubbles mixed with a thick fluid from the prostate, forming seminal fluid.
What factors affect men insemination and fertility?
After ejaculation semen live in the body and maintains the ability of women to the fertilized egg for 48 to 72 hours. That is why the most propitious for conception considered intercourse every 2 or 3 days during ovulation.
In terms of insemination of sperm motility is as important as the quantity of sperm. Men with low sperm may nevertheless be fertile, but on condition that they have high sperm motility.
The ability to insemination may also affect the volume of semen and morphology (structure) of sperm.
In addition, the fertility of men may suffer because of the presence in the scrotum varicose veins - varicose. Incidentally, this is one of the most common causes of infertility in men. And, finally, the reproductive health of men may be influenced by factors such as obstruction in the reproductive organs, problems with ejaculation, use drugs or violation of the function or the development of the testicles.
Also on the men's sperm affect the following factors.
Hot bath
Excess heat affecting the testicles, in fact, affect the reduction of sportiveness. Studies have shown that men who often take a hot bath, experienced decline in sperm reproduction. Nevertheless, if avoid unnecessary heat for a few months, that the development of sperm returning to normal. Spermatophyte - a process that is renewed every 72-74 days hence, when any conditions or hazards eliminated, the changes in the quantity and quality of sperm to be expected no earlier than after 2-3 months.
Underwear that is man
The view that tight clothes affect the decline in the ability of men to reproduce offspring, there is a certain authority. The truth is that excess heat, impacting on the testicles, reduced sperm formulation. It is noted in men taking hot baths (as described above), but can also be caused by the close of clothing or linen, causing an increase in temperature of scrotum. You can check yourself, if you change in the way you are worn.
Masturbation little different from normal sexual intercourse. Orgasm cause ejaculation regardless of whether it is the result of masturbation or sexual intercourse. In theory, masturbation can reduce the supply of sperm that is essential if low, so how can reduce the quality of sperm at a time when it counts most - during ovulation from his wife. If the ability to insemination was a matter of concern, should not deal with masturbation as long as the potential fertility of his wife - the middle of a menstrual cycle. The main thing to remember, to avoid health problems need time to see a doctor, who will pick up your good health drugs.