Friday, November 7, 2008

Neurosis expectations of sexual failure

-->Neurosis expectations of sexual failure of the refectory form of sexual dysfunction, it is situational attributable moments, which resulted in a failed sexual intercourse with his follow-pathological fixation.
The reasons for failure of sexual intercourse, as a result of pathological fixation who developed this form of sexual dysfunction in men can be divided into five groups. The main thing to remember, to avoid health problems need time to see a doctor, who will pick up your good health drugs.
1) A significant emotional stress caused by fear of being discovered, by surrounding the situation in obscene or fear of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, the threat of exposure, set to their sexual inferiority due to exaggeration pathogenic masturbation, as well as pathological ideal UNESCO MARRIED his wife.
In such cases, the failure of sexual function can be attributed to the physiological mechanism of «errors» - a clash of two processes: the initiation of the 1 st signaling system and sub cortex and braking from either 2-second signal system.
2) Improper conduct a preliminary period of sexual intercourse, when the emergence of prohibitive braking as a result of a super strong initiation of sex centers on too long weasel leads to disorders its physiological programs, among others, hypo-or erection.
3) The external stimulus large force (sudden shout, tap, Creek, shot), leading to the breakdown of sexual intercourse on the mechanisms of external braking.
4) and sensations mismatched s summation irritation arising from the sexual act, with the usual feelings associated with masturbation before, which could lead to a weakening of erection during sexual intercourse and delay or absence of ejaculation.
5) Physiological fluctuations in sexual function or a temporary weakening.
Reflector form of sexual disorder, usually occurs suddenly, and patients confidently call date disease. Causes of failure, can act very briefly, but later due to failure to consolidate the mechanism of neurotic fixation all the sexual acts occur fail. With the growing number of failed sexual acts with their multiple pathological relationship enshrines.
The majority of patients when there were expressed emotional reaction, which, however, tend to reverse development. At first, to the fore were violations of sexual function, but over time people begin to treat them more relaxed. After two or three years, going on some uplifting sexulal symptoms of neurotic personality reactions to their sexual failure.
Pat refectory form of sexual disorder often occurs at a young age (20-30 years), which is known to be greatest burden on sexual function and maintenance of sexuality. More often they occur in people with asynchronous sexual development, with weak or weak secondary sexual constitution. Typical for men with this form of dysfunction regulated type of sexual motivation and self-assertiveness as a motive for sexual intercourse. The type of sexual culture - neurotic. All men are psyhosexual dissatisfaction.
Treatment is a set of therapeutic interventions, including psychological and medical assistance.

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