Friday, November 28, 2008

Viagra helps heart with stress

Well-known impotency drug Viagra can to mitigate the effects of stress on the heart, scientists have found.
It turned out that popular among the millions of men half the drug slows the growth of forces reduction in heart muscle.
Scientists Johns Hopkins University described the braking effect of Viagra.
However, British experts caution men with cardiovascular disease on the need to consult a doctor before taking the medicine.
Viagra, also known as sildenafil, is designed for men who have problems with erection. Medicine is expanding genital blood vessels and thereby maintains erection.
Scientists have found that Viagra is able to block the short-term effects of hormonal stress the heart muscle in mice. However, it was assumed that medicine has no direct impact on the human heart.
In the experiments were involved 35 men and women whose average age was 30 years old and that in the past have not suffered from cardiovascular disease.
All of them had been shot chemical dobutamine, similar to adrenaline, which increases the pulse and force reductions in heart muscle. Approximately the same response occurs with emotional stress, physical exercise and with heart failure.
Then, of subjects given 100 ml of Viagra and others - a placebo. Then he made another injection. The functions of the heart were measured before and after each shot.
After the first injection of dobutamine, the force heart rate increased by 150% in both groups.
In the Group, taking a placebo, a similar reaction occurred after the second injection.
But the participants of experiments, which was issued by Viagra, increased heartbeat slowed to 50%, as a result of blood pressure caused by chemical stimulation, increased slightly.
Side effects of Viagra were observed.
Viagra helps maintain the erection in men by blocking the enzyme action, which relaxes vessels in the penis.In order not to harm their health, the application should be interesting to learn more about your product, because it should take only healthy drugs.

Viagra leads men to sleep

The invention of Viagra in his time was a real breakthrough in science and, more importantly, helped establish intimate lives of many unhappy couples. In addition, have been found, and other miraculous effects of drugs: most recently, for example, scientists have found that the admission of the drug helps not only in intimate affairs, but also in sporting achievements. Earlier, it was found that male pill can cope with heart problems.
But over time this means is more and more side effects. As it turned out, his reception might disrupt sleep, which, alas, not only through direct effects on who will receive Viagra. Total single dose of the drug could significantly worsen insomnia and even lead to tragic consequences.
Hindering access of oxygen to vital parts of the body, which could entail complications of various illnesses or even death.
Apne occurs in men more often than women; satellites that sleep disorders are snoring and insomnia. It manifests itself in a sudden stop breathing for 10 seconds or more. In addition, doctors believed that the violation is making its negative contribution to the emergence of erectile dysfunction.
A Brazilian scientists experiment involved 14 men with both erectile dysfunction and insomnia. Some of them took 50-ml dose of Viagra and other parts of researchers presented a placebo - "empty", outwardly indistinguishable from the original drug. After receiving medication for men while they sleep take various tests, including measured the level of oxygen in the blood.
The results of the experiment showed that single dose of Viagra significantly reduced level of oxygen in the body sleeping man. In addition, men have taken the drug, was more restless sleep: researchers have recorded many more stops breathing during the night.
However, research scientists from the University of Sao Paulo say that this is only preliminary data, and the experiment was conducted with a small number of participants. In order to say for sure about the side effects of the famous medicine, you need to hold new experiments. However, to date precisely known, that the additional effect on the organism can cause headaches and a runny nose.In order not to harm their health, the application should be interesting to learn more about your product, because it should take only healthy drugs.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How do I take Viagra on older persons


Although the erectile dysfunction occurs in men of almost any age, primarily, of course, the problem is more concerned about the elderly. And love, as you know, all ages humble.
Can «Viagra» elderly? - Can! The only what should be stressed - that state of heart. In fact, that venerable age are often found such a bad condition as coronary heart disease or stenographic.It was a recurring pain in the heart that accompany the physical strain - whether climb the stairs, fast walking or ... sex.
In case you really are concerned about pain in the heart of physical strength that is before taking the drug «Viagra», referred to the cardiologist. If a specialist in heart disease finds that the latter allows you to go into tempting sexual journey together with blue pill - well, go!
There is a rather interesting perspective on the nature of erectile dysfunction in the elderly. It is believed that as a defense mechanism to preserve human life. Indeed, during sex occurs, such hard work of all organs and systems of the human body that weak heart could not withstand.
And that makes people when you are familiar and the familiar pain in your heart? - True, he immediately puts a nitroglycerin tablet under the tongue.To date, this is really one of the best and universal means of attack angina. But only if you have not taken before the pill «Viagra» ...
So the most important thing for people venerable age - before you start taking drugs «Viagra» always consult your cardiologist. Do not mix drugs and the type of nitroglycerin «Viagra».In order not to harm their health, the application should be interesting to learn more about your product, because it should take only healthy drugs.

As «Viagra» acts on the psyche?

It is difficult to answer this question.Try to outline the key considerations in this regard.
All doctors who work with patients suffering from erectile dysfunction, of course, sooner or later it becomes clear that perhaps none of the existing disease does not leave such deep scars in the psyche as in the case of impotence.
In addition, there is a whole army of patients suffering from the so-called psychogenic erectile dysfunction. Speaking of human language, no physical reason for Erectile Dysfunction among those people there, but the cause of the disease lies in those or other psychological problems.
Added that even in those cases where the cause of the disease is, say, vascular disease or damage to nerves as a result of injury or diabetes, all other factors will certainly be added and psychological.
Indeed, imagine that the man at some time deprived of the opportunity to engage in love with a woman. Difficult to imagine a more severe injury than their own perception of sexual weakness. There is no need to be Sigmund Freud to understand how important and emotional painted this sphere of human relationships and how painful any setbacks along the way.
Not without reason, all patients treated or even surgery about erectile dysfunction must take place, and the so-called psychological rehabilitation. Without the assistance of a psychiatrist sometimes fail to achieve good results even when well performed microbiological operation on the vessels of the penis. Is hard to disagree with the view of sexual pathologist that the main body of love a person is located within the cranium.
On the other hand, psychological rehabilitation is impossible if the erection does not arise in connection with any objective or subjective reasons. Naturally, the best medicine for a sad mood, associated with impotence is a good erection. In this regard, the emergence of effective pills, capable of it, erection, gives cause for optimism.
In conclusion, I would like to add that sense of self-confidence is perhaps the most important factor in the treatment and prevention of erectile dysfunction.In order not to harm their health, the application should be interesting to learn more about your product, because it should take only healthy drugs.

As to be expected following prolonged admission «Viagra»?

The topic of concern to many. Can such as the harm long-term prescription of the drug. Will not it lead to the depletion of certain mechanisms responsible for erection. This question is often asked healthy men wishing to try the «Viagra» to make some diversity in sexual activity.
In a world still have no data and observing people, which has long had a «Viagra». It would be wrong to say that in the long, for several years, have received the drug could not come any side effects. Even if someone seems obvious. All the more so that humanity knows many examples of how totally harmless drug later proved the bearer of unpleasant side effects, which were discovered only after decades of use. Nevertheless, if it is optimistic look to the future-«Viagra» has gone through a huge number of clinical trials, experiments in vitro ( "in vitro) and for as long as there are blue pills, did not reveal any evidence for the fact that prolonged use sildenafil could lead to any serious consequences. Not to mention some mythical depletion nerve centers responsible for a normal erection.

Because of the foregoing, it can be concluded that there is so far the knowledge of the drug Viagra allows patients to designate the drug as for occasional, and for long-term treatment of erectile dysfunction. Of course, taking into account all the precautions, such as age, etc.In order not to harm their health, the application should be interesting to learn more about your product, because it should take only healthy drugs.

What wins the woman if her partner takes «Viagra»?

«Viagra» can bring tangible benefits to women, even if the drug did not take themselves and their sexual partners. Many couples admitted that after receiving «Viagra» their sexual life has greatly improved, for example, because the man after receiving «Viagra» longer than usual to maintain the erection. Others noted that «Viagra» contributed to the extension of sex that naturally help women achieve orgasm.

What is very important - is the disappearance of many men against a backdrop of the admission «Viagra» so-called «fear of failure» - psychological phenomenon, which often develops in men, victims fiasco during sex. This phenomenon is characterized by the development of persistent fear of sex in connection with fear of failure, and it can develop and men who are, in principle, quite healthy people, because failure could occur at any men against a backdrop of psycho-emotional loads, fatigue, etc. . However, this may lead it to the development of «fear of failure», which makes further sexual activity among men is very problematic.

As a result of the disappearance of «fear of failure» both partners receive more pleasure from sex. Many women also noted that after receiving «Viagra» their partners became more sensual lovers - the drug raised the confidence men, which, of course, and makes it more tender with a woman.

What substances badly affect the potency?

On the potency in men affects a lot of substance. Research in this area devoted an enormous amount of publications. It is a common medicines and so-called psychotropic substances - that is, substances that have an impact on the psyche. First of all, it is alcohol, nicotine and drugs.
Alcohol.The main reason for violations of the quality of erection on the background of alcohol is a violation of the functions of the liver and as a consequence - a violation of the exchange of male hormones that affect normal sexual function. Among other things drunk dulls tactile sensitivity, and as a result of having problems with the onset of ejaculation up to complete her absence.
Nicotine.Nicotine - the main harmful substance which is found in tobacco smoke inspired us. The main pathological effects of nicotine - persistent spasm (narrowing) of small-caliber vessels, including those furnished circulation penis. In addition, as found nicotine causes atherosclerosis - a dangerous disease that leads to increased variability and vascular congestion. Most often suffer from atherosclerosis vessels of the heart and brain, and as a result of a person may be myocardial infarction or stroke, which themselves are doing a normal sexual life impossible. But often there is narrowing or complete obstruction of vessels of the penis, in which case the patient develops permanent impotence.
Pharmaceuticals. Of course, the development of erectile dysfunction is a very rare side effect when receiving medication, and usually erectile dysfunction held following the lifting of such health drugs, but none the less you need to know about drugs that can cause such complications.