Friday, October 17, 2008

Health benefits of masturbation

Harmful Is this for the health of men? The main focus is not on this action and, of course, know the measure. But on this most shamefaced keep mum or do not know. What is this measure? According to the calculations of experts about the nature of the men released around 6000 ejaculation in life.
Let that an active sex life runs from 15 to 65 years, for 50 years. Divide 6000 by 50, getting 120 times a year. Divide the year (360 days) at 120, get 1 every 3 days. This is the average rate, such a rhythm and must adhere to (if the youth are usually more frequently in adulthood less) in sexuality (and masturbate including). So can not do for 10 times on the day. Resource quick end.
Secondly - many experts believe that one can not stop the act. If launched, it must be brought to its logical conclusion - ejaculation. Infinite arousal without final phase, dulls the mechanism of male sex. And it is this could create problems.
Third - masturbation is a kind of training. We prove that the men who long to refrain, starting problems in the sexual sphere - from erectile dysfunction to prostate. The largest french specialist in the field of sexology, Professor Francis Kotem: "masturbation is what men were always and continue to work as continue to breathe, eat and sleep."
On this issue is difficult for women to understand the man. First, those mistaken in the belief that masturbation replaces the proximity of a man with a woman that girlfriend or wife was the he was not interesting (perhaps in some cases, what is it true, but not in principle). Masturbation for a man more like a meditation (closing his eyes, you can fantasize about anything) than in the intimate lives.
Masturbation - is the possibility of rights without prejudice to freely touch the part of my body and get pleasure from it. In many cases, it helps to remove the physiological and psychological stress, as a powerful tool for relaxation (as it turned out, most of the rapists from childhood was introduced in the consciousness of the myth of the dangers of masturbation and abhorrent).
It should be noted several key points on which masturbation has proven beneficial.
* The balance of hormonal background of the men;
* Reduced concern sexual issues;
* Reduction obsession sexual fantasies;
* Improving the blood supply in the pelvis;
* Antistress discharging nervous system;
The main thing to remember, to avoid health problems need time to see a doctor, who will pick up your good health drugs.

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