Friday, October 22, 2010

Do not let a man grow a complexes

What could be more important for men than always and everywhere to show their worth - both in business and communication, and, of course, in bed?

As a rule, a man feared to be not high enough to make a mistake in bed. Ironically, to make mistakes in sex are more afraid of young and not very experienced man. "It seems she was not happy!" - This is a painful blow to the self-esteem.

You should not scoff at the mistakes of men in bed!

Such a "nuisance" from time to time happens in everybody's life: the reason that there are job stress, alcohol, minor troubles. Worrying about the long-awaited meeting may also affect. And then a lot depends on how you behave in a woman. Indeed, in many ways you can give each other pleasure in bed, to show tenderness and passion.

Is not the best way out - to comfort the man, they say, okay, who does not happen, the next time it happens. Now your man, as the exam will be waiting for that same "next time - and this is the first stone in the foundation of a permanent complex.

On the contrary, try to increase the pressure. Necessary "to do things differently," Change your attitude - that he had a second was left to think about their problems. Show that you are in seventh heaven! And in his memory will not defeat but victory.

Not poked fun at mistakes man!

Even if your favorite poison anecdotes without end, and revered by friends as the possessor of the finest senses of humor, only in a nightmare it can be represented in the center of the absurd story itself. Something that seems ridiculous, men are not respected and not taken seriously. What could be worse than seem funny or awkward at the crucial moment? So try to avoid ridicule in bed. Not ask why he wore shorts with these ridiculous pictures. And do not make comments out loud, how funny he wrinkles his nose during an orgasm. At best, he will now run off on you immediately after the act of love - just not to hear your witty comments. At worst - will disappear forever.

Admire mistakes men!

Most men prefer to be seen as subtle, skillful lovers.
But if he treats you like a crystal vase: asks whether it does not hurt you, it is convenient to you? And it looks like a surgeon, concentrating conducting an operation ... Do not allow yourself or relax or be accompanied by passion. This is annoying: you do in bed, but not at the reception of the Queen of England!

Why is he afraid of losing control?

The basis for this behavior may lie more children experience when the baby has seen something "incomprehensible" between parents who behaved "unbridled": screaming, moaning, and total dedication process. Since then, and sat down in it fear: if you let yourself, you'll look just as scary. Sex therapist will tell you what to do to make your intimate relationships more free, harmonious.