Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stress resistance of male and female body

Scientists have conducted some interesting studies about how to relate to stress and depression of male and female organisms. In the course of these studies found that women are not unpleasant to say it, experiencing longer than men. The response of male and female body in stressful situations completely different.

American scientists have explained this fact by the fact that psychological stress in men and women activated different parts of the brain. The same conclusion can be reached, and when viewing statistics. The rate of mental disorders, stress, depression, increased anxiety syndrome in women is 2 times higher than the average man. It should be noted that women are not lucky and the mechanism of restoring the body after a stressful situation. The fact that the normal activity of the brain, after a stressful situation is reversed for women longer than men. Scientists explain the evolution of this fact.

The fact that a man in ancient times was free to resist the stimulus, well, or hide from it. But the women, homemakers, care about posterity, and not daring to leave, had to come to terms with stress. This explains the fact that men in stressful situations are able to keep a low profile and quiet, their brains are specifically focused on the decision facing him problems, whereas women experience such difficulty and therefore decisions are made by women in stressful situations, too difficult.

Monday, June 25, 2012


Urethritis is perhaps the most common inflammatory disease of the urinary system in men. This is not surprising. After all, the representatives of the strong half of mankind, not only the urethra into contact with urine, but with a liquid that forms in the prostate gland. That is why the infection can get into the urethra in different ways (from the prostate, bladder, kidney, and from the outside).

Decided to allocate infectious and noninfectious urethritis.

As is already clear from the title, responsible for infectious urethritis are bacterial, viral or fungal agents.

Non-infectious urethritis is caused by trauma urethra during cystoscopy and catheterization, as well as the derivation of the stones to remove kidney stones.

For male urethritis is characterized by itching and burning sensation when urinating. A little later they were replaced by intense pain. We can also observe the discharge from the urethra, in severe cases of purulent character mixed with blood. Most often they are observed in the morning, after sleeping, have a yellowish color and odor.

Some men with urethritis after a long night's rest may be a blockage of the urethra.

Urethritis in men may be complicated by pyelonephritis, prostatitis and cystitis.

For the diagnosis of the disease are informative analyzes of urine - first general to confirm the inflammatory process in the urinary tract. In this case, the inflammatory changes are most pronounced in the first urine sample, indicating that the disease is the urethra.

Treatment of urethritis should be comprehensive. It includes antiseptic, antibiotic, increased drinking water treatment, drinking cranberry juice, etc. In severe cases may require flushing the urethra with an antiseptic solution and the introduction of drugs directly into the urethra.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Flatulence - it is not a disease, but only one of its attributes. In this case the person is able to deliver bloating a lot of trouble. Diseases in which there is bloating, very much. It may simply be the result of overeating, and can - a chronic disease of the stomach or intestines. To find out what the same signals to us, our bodies need to consult a doctor.

What is flatulence

Flatulence - is excessive accumulation of gas in the gastrointestinal tract by increasing their education or lack of excretion from the intestine.

Number of gas in healthy people depending on the nature of power, age, lifestyle and other factors. Under normal circumstances, usually gases accumulate in the stomach, the right and left bends of the colon. These gases are formed by the fauces of the air discharge them in the process of digestion in the stomach and intestines, as well as neutralizing the gastric juice soda (accepted for heartburn). Derived gases through the rectum, a part - is absorbed into the blood and then released through the lungs.

The composition of intestinal gas

Gas in the colon of healthy individuals has the following composition: nitrogen - 24-80% oxygen - 0,1-2,3% hydrogen - 0,6-47% methane - 0-26%, carbon dioxide - 4.3 -29%, there is also hydrogen sulfide. In the stomach, greater concentration of oxygen in the gut - carbon dioxide, methane and hydrogen sulfide.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Prostatitis And Health

Prostatitis is called inflammation of the prostate gland.

Acute prostatitis is extremely rare and is characterized by sharp pains in the perineum, frequent, painful urination, fever and poor general state of health.
The most common prostate develops in the chronic form, affecting about 30% of men aged 20 to 50 years. Chronic prostatitis may not cause much anxiety for many years. Cause of serious concern acute prostatitis, which usually occur once or twice a year, and in the absence of adequate treatment, even more often.

Symptoms of prostatitis is divided into three main groups (the complex of symptoms):pain, sexual disorders.

Most often, pain arises in the perineum, scrotum, anus, or less frequently in the sacral area or penis. For pain intensity varied from barely visible aching, characterized by a discomfort to severe, violating a dream. Pain may be aggravated by sexual abstinence or conversely, excessive sexual activity. Sometimes the pain occur during urination.

Sexual dysfunction, manifested decline in the quality of sexual life. Often worse erections, decreased libido, decreased orgasm or brightness appears rapid ejaculation. However, impotence occurs only in advanced stages of disease.

Do not put off a visit to the doctor! Launched prostatitis occurs painful, require long-term treatment and dangerous complications. It is therefore important to identify the disease at an early stage and as soon as possible to begin treatment.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The risk of developing Parkinson's disease in men can be prevented

Scientists decided to investigate the degree of beneficial effects on the human body of specific compounds contained mainly in the berries.
Doctors do know that these substances can reduce the risk of a large number of diseases, including heart disease, hypertension, certain cancers and dementia. Scientists from Harvard conducted a large-scale study involving 130 thousand men and women who are in total were followed for 20 years.
As a result, a detailed analysis of the results, it was found that the flavonoids in terms of development of degenerative brain diseases fundamentally different impact on male and female body. In men, a diet high in fruits will reduce the risk of developing Parkinson's disease by 40%. Surprisingly, a similar effect in women nor there at all. That is, from the use of foods high in flavonoids risk of developing Parkinson's disease may increase, while the benefits to the heart and blood vessels, as well as reducing the risk of some other disease is present in women just as much as men. Scientists have not yet taken to give any explanation for this phenomenon.

This study is very relevant, since last year, according to official statistics in the United States the incidence of Parkinson's disease has reached its historical high of 1 in 500 people, and experts predict that in the near future this figure will only grow.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Syndrome - Testosterone Deficiency

Syndrome, testosterone deficiency is reflected in reduced libido and erectile disorders appear different. Erectile dysfunction is directly linked to age-related decline in testosterone levels. About 40% of men over the age of forty years, noted difficulties in cases of sexual contact, they are not able to maintain an erection available or can not reach it.

Half of the specified number of men in age from forty to seventy years old, 70% of this group with erectile problems over seventy years. Testosterone deficiency syndrome affects an estimated 0.1% of the total male population. Twelve percent of men over the age of thirty years of experience in varying degrees of testosterone deficiency.Testosterone deficiency syndrome have different age groups of men.

In the group aged 45-54 years SCP was found in 34% of men, according to research by German doctors, just as many complaints pointed to the primary care physicians to the problem of lack of testosterone. Results are experiencing the same problem according to the German Institute for 39% of men.At the same time accompanied by a testosterone deficiency in more than half of the obese, forty percent of the cases - hyperlipidemia. European scientists conducted a study which was attended by over 400 men aged 50-86 years, gave evidence that the reduction of testosterone causes a decrease in sex drive, vitality, followed by erectile dysfunction.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mens Health Problems

Men are more and more young adults are faced with sexual problems - such a disappointing conclusion was made by sexologists on the results of studies conducted in several countries.

If earlier about potential violations of the doctors consulted mainly people over 55 years, in recent years, more than 40% of all those who applied for assistance were men under the age of 40 years. According to surveys, only 13% of respondents satisfied with the quality of sexual life. The remaining 87% admit that their reproductive capabilities are poor and are even willing to make efforts to improve their sex life, including taking drugs

Meanwhile, the potency is considered an important indicator not only of the male libido, and overall health. Its violation may indicate a serious cardiovascular or endocrine diseases. Therefore, the solution of problems of sexual health doctors believe a necessary step to increase the duration and quality of life of men.

In Israel the situation is too complicated. While Israelis confidently hold a worthy place in the top ten on the frequency of sex, opportunities to engage them often leave much to be desired. Failure "in the forefront," found in 21% of men aged 20-30 years, 27% - 30-40 years, 48% - 40-50 years, 53% - after 50 years.

But not so sad: Israeli sexologists sure: whatever the cause impotence can be cured in 95% of cases. Sometimes the problem can be solved very quickly - a man just needs to "refuel" testosterone - the male sex hormone that affects sexual function and sexual desire. If the problem lies deeper - there are 11 more effective treatments for sexual disorders.