Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Useful properties of apples

Apples, perhaps, the most popular fruits on our table. Their year-round happy to eat children and adults. These fruits are part of many, even the most sophisticated, culinary dishes.
Healthy eating is also not possible without inclusion in the diet of apples. Of course, for medical prophylaxis is necessary to select those varieties that are most appropriate person in their properties - the sugar content, acidity, etc. An example is the use of fresh sour-sweet apples with colitis, gastritis and biliary dyskinesia, when gastric acidity is reduced.

The seeds of apples have in their composition a large amount of iodine. Daily need for this element can be satisfied by eating just a few grains. Folk medicine has long used the fruit baked in the ashes. They gave patients with pleurisy. When colitis drink sweet apples, grated on a grater.

Apple diet will help with excess weight. A healthy lifestyle should always include the fasting days in the diet. During this period, once a week, it will be useful one day to eat apples. Their number should be equal to one-half kilograms. The same diet will help, and suffering from hypertension or edema of the people.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Stress and Blood pressure

When you are exposed to stress or feel that you are in danger, part of the brain called the hypothalamus (where the nerve centers that regulate body temperature, appetite, water balance, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, blood pressure and sleep), includes a series of actions that and prepares you for flight or fight for their lives. Part of the response to stress are more frequent and tighter heart rate, causing the rise in blood pressure. In chronic (prolonged) stress, blood vessels, "compressed" and smaller in diameter.
As a result, the resistance increases, further increasing blood pressure. Studies have shown that residents of areas with high crime is more prevalent hypertension
High blood pressure - only one of the side effects of stress. Long-term or repeated stress leads to depression, increased risk of diabetes and / or peptic ulcers (gastric and duodenal ulcers), reducing the level of sex hormones and the general decrease in the ability of the immune system to fight disease. Platelets can become more "sticky" than they should be putting you at greater risk of cardiac disorders. The balance of chemicals the body after the stress is usually restored. But when too much stress, the levels of these substances in the gaps can "hang" on the stress marks, corresponding to the high speed of the body, keeping you constantly elevated blood pressure and putting a greater risk of heart disorders, ulcers and other complications.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Men & Menopause

Perfect Man does not happen. Everyone has their little secrets, quirks and complexes. It is believed that all systems - from childhood. But there is a category of complexes, which are carefully disguised as individual character traits, and characterized, mostly men.

The man simply must be courageous and strong, he should try to be a leader and never cry. Gender stereotypes permeated the entire male being, - since my childhood ... This belief is often corrupts men, turning them into slaves of their own brutality.

Menopause - a natural stage in the life of man, which normally occurs between the ages of 45 to 60 years. During this period violated the mechanisms of regulation of the hypothalamus, pituitary, testicles, providing its sexual function, decreased production of sex hormones, which in turn leads to a change in hormone balance, metabolism, restructuring of many organs and systems.

For most men, who in his youth observe proper work and rest, regularly engaged in physical exercise, eat rationally, do not abuse alcohol and smoking, nervous and endocrine systems are easier and faster to adapt to the coming of age adjustment, and it runs quietly. And those who have adaptive mechanisms are weakened by disease, injury and, more importantly, chaotic lifestyles, suffer menopause sometimes very hard. They most often develop cardiovascular disorders, neuroses. They do not come to a head hot flashes, sudden reddening of the face and neck, increased sweating, dizziness. In severe, pathological course of menopause is often the hands and feet numbness, tingling of the skin, a flicker of "flies" in front of his eyes. Periodically there is a long time, and sometimes for several days, takes the headache, mainly in the back of the head and neck. Some men, especially masculine and matured, becoming suspicious, irritable and very rapidly, sometimes not adequately respond to the most ordinary situations of life. Often they have lost interest in the work of the same hobbies and appears depressed, unmotivated anxiety.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Excess Weight

Excess weight - one of today's problems. And the more offers of different diets, weight loss programs to get rid of the emerging of a man's tummy, the more it seems that the problem is unsolvable.

As a rule, full of intellectual labor affects people who do not have regular physical activity. Long-term "sedentary work" in an office behind a computer and a desk, sitting behind the wheel of a car for a few hours a day, lack of exercise during the day - all this leads to the fact that the body begins to store fat. The representatives of the stronger sex starts growing tummy, abdominal muscles weaken, fat is deposited on the sides, because the calories, which is rich in our food are not wasted by the body. To solve this problem can only be radically changing the mode of the day, adding physical activity, even in those conditions in which modern man lives.

Physiology of men is that each piece of high-calorie postponed it in the abdomen and stomach is a ball, more and more increasing in size. The result - the deformation of the spine, experiencing unnecessary strain, compression of internal organs. Sweets, meats, fats, elementary overeating high calorie foods - all this is the cause of excess weight. The solution is obvious - moderation in eating, nutrition, introduction to the diet of fruits and vegetables, fiber, limiting sweets and salt, preservatives or smoked. But if it is difficult to abandon the familiar rhythm and quality of food, you can simply divide their food and eat only half of what is planned to eat. Thus, the diet will be reduced by 50% while keeping it familiar foods.

Hormonal causes - are the most frequent causes of obesity. After sixty years in a man drops the level of the main male hormone - testosterone, as a result - the muscles are unusable, they lose water they need for normal operation. Reduces the secretion of sex hormones being a man, his general tone, affect the mood, leading to disease, reduces the potency and libido. Solve the problem can be permanent physical exercise, maintaining muscle tone.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Nonspecific symptoms of the disease and to determine the exact diagnosis requires the presence of several symptoms at once. The first signs of chronic fatigue syndrome are often overlooked, or they were not given much importance.

In the early stages of the syndrome is manifested in the form:

increased attention disorders;

These symptoms are very few people notice, and makes for the usual fatigue during the workday.

However, later symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome is more noticeable, and they are hard not to draw attention:

headache, recurring with increasing frequency in the absence of previously recorded seizures;
sleep disturbances, insomnia and daytime sleepiness;
drop in performance: hides the danger of early alcohol or stimulants that ultimately can lead to addiction or alcoholism;
a decrease in weight gain or obesity, on the contrary - the processes previously not characteristic of the organism;
appearance of pain in the joints and spine.

Each of the above symptoms deserves special treatment to the doctor. As simple and innocent not sound diagnosis of "chronic fatigue syndrome", the consequences can be quite unpredictable.