Friday, October 17, 2008

Ejaculation size

Such outstanding scientists as Churchman and Fyurbinger, they establish that the expenditure of seed does not have great significance for the organism and does not weaken it and that upon consideration of the harm of masturbation the ejaculation must not be accepted into the attention as very serious minus. Matter, however, is not thus. The masturbation, carried out in any moment and extracting seed in the unlimited quantity, gradually decreases a quantity of lively creatures (spermatozoon), the gradual exhaustion of embryonic cells (sperm), begins, and seed itself is done more liquidly. This one fact proves already, that the ejaculation is not entirely unimportant for the human organism. To my opinion are joined some authorities, consonants with me in the fact that the loss of seed in man causes after copulation weakness and decline of forces, while woman, who manifests significant activity with the copulation, gets tired short-term, t. - e. not for a long time. It is possible with the confidence to conclude that with the masturbation we subject entire human organism to significant changes. Masturbation influences the mental, mental and physical abilities of man.
The opinion of these authorities concerns only moderation of masturbation and moderation of copulation. But I raise the question, what is excessiveness is with respect to sexual functions. By this question he is assigned by Prof. Koch, whom it questions: „Where the beginning of excessiveness? “I above already indicated that there is almost no possibility to establish moderation and excessiveness of sexual excesses, since this depends on the specific features of each. Here plays role build, means of life, temperament, floor, climate and number of other phenomena; the fact that we will consider it excessive for some, is the very natural requirement of the organism of another human. It is possible to only say that also the sexual copulations, and masturbation depend on the individual abilities of each individually.
When coupling fantasy is only in terms of the opposite sex. This fantasy is very real order, flesh, present. Movement of the female body, embrace, mutual touch phone, the visual impression of surveillance of known parts of the body, kissing -all these phenomena causing external irritations.The main thing to remember, to avoid health problems need time to see a doctor, who will pick up your good health drugs.
Thus, fantasy, with a natural coupling is not too intense, as well as all the incidental to the real facts. By that align more sense of tension and movements busy member of sexual slits women, these purely mechanical terms bring to such an extent orgasm that ejaculation occurs without the participation of fantasy.
If masturbation is not enough body opposite sex and the lack of it is replaced by fantastic performances.Body tert his hands and genitals because of the sensitivity of gradually decreasing frequency masturbation, comes to the aid of imagination.Brain and nervous system reaches the entire height of the boiling that all human energy is directed only at one.

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