Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weight and Men's Health

Deficiency of muscle - it is not the biggest disaster. After all, testosterone not only grow muscles, but also prevents the accumulation of excess fat. The current lack of rampant main sex hormone turned as rampant obesity epidemic. However, if asthenic addition - it's just an annoying external fault, excess body fat is really scary, because destroys health.

Relationship between excess fat and dangerous diseases reliably established science. At the time, the same relationship was found for smoking, which led to its total ban in public places in the United States and European countries. However, the completeness, as you know, to fight the ban did not work. This makes the problem more acute, since the "epidemic" of obesity is increasing and is already threatening economic consequences.

Full often suffer. According to U.S. statistics, the diseases associated completeness, estimated to cost the state treasury an additional 100 billion dollars, which is a lot of 9% of the current U.S. spending on health care. At the time, the main cause of obesity was declared lack of exercise. It is well known that the nature of man conceived as a muscle car, which by way of the ancestors of primates, will spend all day on their feet. But there it was! Since the beginning of the computer era lifestyle humanity finally become sedentary.

According to the statistics of the ubiquitous, modern man spends in a sitting position up to 12-14 hours a day. This position contradicts the physiology of circulation. By gravity passive blood flow into the abdomen, it accumulates in excess and forms a typical kind of office worker with a shapeless bloated waist, dystrophic lower extremities and buttocks, reminiscent of the flat tire.

However, if the fight against physical inactivity good sport, to deal with the fullness of him is not enough. According to the science of today, lack of physical movement is not exhaustive due to the global pandemic of obesity. The game entered a fundamentally new negative factors.
All of this should know you, our readers. Otherwise, you will become a victim of the false illusion that in the mid-70s has led to millions of new fitness enthusiasts. They thought the same physical movement would be enough to lose weight. How many disappointments!

Nature made to consume food alive "bridge" between our bodies and the environment. For all living beings on the planet acts as a food carrier signals on the seasonal changes in nature, which must be accompanied by a mandatory hormonal changes. Who could have imagined that one day people will stop using the natural gifts of nature and will start to produce their own food! And, not knowing the other laws, he will be guided by the simple pleasure that brings fat and sweet!

Friday, August 17, 2012

What you need for fitness at home

When there is a desire to learn and not to lose the slim and beautiful figure, activities at home are no less useful and effective than in the gym under the supervision of an instructor. It will take three or four square meters of floor and knowledge of basic home exercises for the press.

Abdominal exercises: What are the objectives
Men usually refers to the goal to build beautiful muscle, remove excess fat. Actually the beginning of classes must be preceded by warm-up. Bear in mind that the best warm-up before you exercise your abdominal muscles, provides a run (it can run on the street) or a series of sit-ups, which are performed at home. In the workout you can take no more than five or ten minutes, and then proceed to the exercises.

Exercise torsional
Lying on the floor with legs bent at the knees hands behind his neck somknite or head. Little by little, in slow motion to lift the upper body, then slowly lower it back. The legs and waist at the same time remain unchanged. It is necessary to repeat the exercise forty or fifty times in a single approach.