Monday, October 20, 2008

Should I be afraid of masturbation?

The most widespread form of sexual gratification in adolescence and early youth - masturbation (masturbation), sexual self-by irritation genitalia.
In the Middle Ages, masturbation thought excused "children's sin." The famous Italian anatomist Gabriele Fallopio (1523-1562) even recommended that masturbation as a means of lengthening of the penis (unfortunately, guys, not help, otherwise everyone would have been huge members; the only thing that stretches - in the flesh, but who need it?). In the XVII - XVIII century. attitude to masturbation changed. Theologians and educators XVIII-XIX centuries saw it not only vice, but a terrible disease, leading to a weakening of memory and mental abilities, madness and, of course, impotence. In XX century, it became clear that this is not the case.
The belief that masturbation causes insanity, was born out of observations in psychiatric hospitals, residents are often long masturbated in front of staff. But the mentally ill no moral taboos and rules of decency, and no other means of sexual gratification. Obtrusive masturbation does not cause and a consequence of their condition.
Teenage masturbation is a way to defuse the sexual tension caused by physiological causes (overflow seed bubbles, mechanical irritation of the genitals, etc.). However, it stimulates mental factors: the example of their peers, a desire to test its potency, have fun, etc. Most boys first ejaculation happening precisely when masturbation. The sooner a teenager matures, the more likely that he would masturbate, other ways of sexual gratification he does not. The intensity, frequency of masturbation individually varies, but in men is much higher than for women.
Teenage and Young People's masturbation - is not so much physical, but psychological order. A related and some of the problems.
Masturbation is often accompanied by vivid images and erotic fantasies, in which a teenager can choose any partner, and the situation. Conditioned reflex consolidation of these fantastic images sometimes creates a very young man nonrealistic benchmark, compared with the real sexual experience, at first almost always involves difficulties, may disappoint him.
Tech masturbation can be no physiologic. For example, if a girl used to masturbate with shifted his feet, with the onset of sexual activity it would be retrained.
Since ancient taboos and perceptions of depravity and danger of masturbation is deeply seated in the minds of teenagers, the experience leaves many people feeling guilt and fear of "consequences". While the boys know that masturbation - a mass phenomenon, they are ashamed of this "bad habit" and carefully concealed it. Trying to deal with it, a teenager usual, as millions of people before him (but he did not know), has suffered a setback. This causes him to question the value of their own identity, and particularly its strong-willed character, lowers self-esteem and encouraged to perceive the difficulties and failures in education and communication as a consequence of its "blemish". Just exactly further evaluated and any sexual failures.In fact, teenage masturbation is a harmless way to self sexual function. And it is important to remember that it is not necessary to postpone the visit to the doctor, because only a good specialist can recommend the correct treatment and a healthy drug.

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