Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The treatment of testosterone

Now some scientists believe that the men in old age, if they have experienced prolonged stress, should be systematically taken testosterone. It is supposed that it helps maintain normal blood circulation and reduces the risk of impotence. It is also believed that in everyday life provides testosterone influx of energy and self-confidence.

This theory is very controversial. Constant use of testosterone can lead to the development of prostate cancer and premature changes in the heart - two major killers of men. There is quite a strong argument in favor of the fact that testosterone reduces the negative impact of stress. If testosterone therapy recognize the right one, it will cause a lot of the same health problems as the prescribing of estrogen to women after the menopause.

Do not let that stress has accelerated the aging process and thus violated the mechanism of erection.

Of course, a man under stress may find the taste of victory, using his physical strength. Even better, if you learn to fall into a state of euphoria, winning game of tennis or exercising in the gym. Even up the stairs, you'll feel satisfied if the number of covered stairs increases with each passing day. The natural release of testosterone caused by physical exercise is the best incentive for men.
Do not be afraid to change their way of life
A heart attack said that the man is on the wrong way. This caveat: if it does not change the way of life, it may die. A man must confess: the reasons for his actions flawed, just bring it to the disease.

Stress impotence can be likened to a heart attack. It warns a man that his life should be rebuilt. Perhaps he feels a secret fear of the partner, or in his memory clamped unpleasant, painful memories of the sexual experiences of such limitations, that they find it hard to believe, but in fact they are important.

Watch out for altruistic reasons, which will raise your consciousness.

They sound like this: at present, men have responsibilities and obligations, it must support a family and always do, guided by this. How can we in the middle of life suddenly change goals, aspirations, the usual way? Since when sexuality has become the most important aspects of life? Oh no! What kind of nonsense? This man does not pay attention to impotence ...

Other counter-sound like this: I was going his way. I am just not lucky, my dreams have not materialized. I do not care that I am impotent. As this can be done?

Ignore the problem - is to escape from it, perhaps you will advise any health drugs from stress.

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