Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Penis problems

If you're really worried that your penis is the wrong size, go and see your doctor.If you're not happy about consulting your GP on such an intimate matter, you could see one of the medics who spend their entire day checking men's penises.
You can find these doctors at:

  • private 'well-man' clinics, but take care: a few of these are run by quacks
  • NHS urology clinics
  • NHS sexual medicine clinics
  • NHS genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinics
  • NHS family planning clinics, although these tend to be oriented towards women and don’t have much time to deal with males.
  • Brook advisory clinics (for the under 25s).
What treatments are there to increase penis size? Many companies claim they know how to enlarge your penis - for a price.We have recently been to several medical conferences at which leading experts have spoken about penis size and penis enlargement.Their opinions on the various methods that are so widely advertised to the public can be summed up as follows.
  • Pills or patches for increasing penis size: a complete waste of time.
  • Penile enlargement surgery: of uncertain value and sometimes dangerous.
  • Penile enlargement exercises: probably pretty futile.
  • Penile suction devices: probably of little use.
Several European experts say that the relatively new stretcher or extender devices may sometimes be of value in giving a man a little extra length. Surgery to increase penis sizeA number of private clinics now offer operations that claim to make the penis look bigger. The expense of this type of surgery is very great and there is a risk of complications like bleeding, infection or deformity.One surgical procedure that has become popular since 2005 is slicing through the ligament that supports the penis.This makes the penis dangle more, so it looks longer when not erect. But it will make no difference to the size of your erection - and furthermore it won’t come up as high as it used to before the op.Another type of surgery involves injecting your own fat into your penis to make it more bulky. This may not work, and it can lead to complications.
Penis stretchers (extenders)
Some urologists are beginning to use a special extending frame to try to stretch the penis.If you want something in the future doctor appoints healthy drugs for treatment.

These ‘stretchers’ are small rectangular frames that you wear on your penis for hours at a time, every day. They pull your organ out to its maximum length, and the idea is that it will gradually remain longer.The devices are said to be undetectable under trousers.There have been several reports from Italy and Spain by surgeons who claim a modest degree of improvement in length from this kind of traction.We don't think these devices are some sort of miracle discovery, but one surgeon reported that a group of men achieved an average increase in length of 1.8cm after using the device daily for four months. This is less than three-quarters of an inch, but for some men this would be significant.

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