Thursday, January 15, 2009

Protein and sports

Protein and sports - are inseparable. Particularly often say athletes are amateurs, so analogousness on the protein diet. In seeking to build muscle mass, they consume more protein than their body requires. Hence the problem with his health. The protein in large quantities of poorly digested, isolate blood, and as a result of the heart does not stand up to ... During training or soon thereafter. Good enough. To this did not happen, the choice of treatment sports nutrition must take into account the following factors:

1. The intensity of training. The more exercise, the longer duration exercise, the more protein the body requires.

2. Type exercises. Power train (for example, bodybuilding, weightlifting) increases the body's need for protein.

3. Level trained athlete. A good trained athletes need protein than those who just started training.

4. The energy content of diets. Other sports - different requirements for athletes. For example, dancers, gymnasts and wrestlers in the light weight category should keep their weight at a certain level, and thus consume fewer protein food than is required in such intense training.

5. Hormones also influence the amount you need protein. Male hormone testosterone, as well as insulin, increasing muscle. But cortisol, a stress hormone, decreases. Accordingly, depending on the level of certain hormones in the body, the need for protein decreases or increases. And it is important to remember that it is not necessary to postpone the visit to the doctor, because only a good specialist can recommend the correct treatment and a healthy drug.

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