Monday, January 5, 2009

Facts about kissing

Medical fact
It turns out that from a medical point of view, to carry out this routine ritual of "smack" very, very helpful!
• Contact the lips - this is a "bunch" of complex chemical reactions. Recent medical research has shown that a long passionate kiss to increase the pulse frequency of 100 or more beats per minute, and raises the level of hormones in the blood so that it can prolong the lives of nearly 1 minute (in this case, during a passionate kiss spent approximately 6.4 calories per minute!). This kiss is in the brain, the same chemical reaction that skydiving.
• However, according to psychologists, kiss calms the nervous system, preventing stress. Lovers kissing typically optimists, they are confident in their power, but rather seek professional and personal success.
• Kiss of sufficient length is much better than the cud, normalizes acidity in the mouth. Kissing, after every meal, you will significantly reduce the risk of caries.
• During a kiss exchanged 9 mg of water, 0.7 g albumin, 0.18 g of organic matter, 0.7 mg fat, 0.45 mg of salt! All substances "photoelectrons exchange", in general, are not dangerous and not only facilitate the digestion, but also favorably affect the immune system. In doing so, it is worth remembering that with a kiss passed such "disease in love" as herpes, hepatitis A and B. But even during the kiss from one person to another is transmitted 278 different cultures of bacteria (95% of them are not dangerous to human health) .
Statistical fact
The average woman "eats" for the year 2,5 tube lipstick. Her regular sexual partners also receive a dose glycerin "chemicals" - tassel's it for a year consumes 0.7 tube lipstick.
The historical fact
• Why do people have started to kiss each other - still remains a mystery. But usually it is believed that before the kiss was a sign of confidence. Giving another person to come to me so close, people are showing that they are not afraid of him, that he fully trusted.
And even in the tribes who lived primitive parade, it was believed that during the kiss transmitted power or part of the soul. If you believe the fact of health, the sort of "force" (such as hormones) passed really! Apparently, primitive feel this intuitively ...
• In ancient Egypt knew nothing about kissing. Perhaps the queen Cleopatra, known for his victories over the men never kissing of this.
• Romans as a sign of welcome kissed each other's eyes. It is a complete contrast to the Russian take on which to kiss your eyes - to parting.
• In the Middle Ages in the Italian man, kissed the girl on the people, should have been required to marry her. In the city of Naples, the laws were the most brutal: kiss the street, could Garrett in prison, if not lose their life if it happened in front of a high spiritual person.
• Some people replace kiss rubbing noses. In East Asia, kisses as greetings are not distributed as widely as bows, although in the XX Century European custom of kissing when meeting penetrated even to Japan and China. The Intuit in the Arctic cold conditions of fear during the kisses frostbitten Bay - instead, they rubbing noses, welcoming each other. In the south-eastern India and in Lapin instead kiss Pull taken with respect to the nose of his visit-a-visit the cheek while making a deep, heartfelt sigh.
• In Japan, about which we have just mentioned, it is obscene kiss with witnesses. This is why you almost never see a kiss in the Japanese film. The fact that the world is called the "Japanese" a kiss, performed well: stand at a distance of one step from each other, bend over and reach out lips, tap their lips partner. Roth does not open!
• Africans to express their respects to the leader, kissing land on which he walked.
• The most passionately nation - the Germans. They kiss the day, on average, 3.2 times (in cheek) and 1.3 times give each other erotic kissing.
• In some places kisses considered a crime. For example, in the U.S. state of Indiana still has a law under which "a man with a mustache is forbidden to kiss a human being." In the state of Connecticut on Sunday not to kiss his wife. And in the town of Cedar Rapid (Iowa), a sheriff can take part in anyone kissing unknown person.
• Of all the animals kissing chimpanzee most similar to human. Just kiss the lips of dogs, horses and Canadian porcupine.
The fact of the fifth and last. Official.
• Process kiss is even a formal scientific name. Science that deals with the so slightly intimate classes, called paleontologist.
• Since 1981, the study of nature kiss is the World Health Committee at the UN.
• July 6, the World Day kisses, who once thought the people of Britain. But two decades ago, it was approved by the United Nations and now has an official status, the Minnows.
And it is important to remember that it is not necessary to postpone the visit to the doctor, because only a good specialist can recommend the correct treatment and a healthy drug.

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