Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blocking sexual attraction

Recently, a new term - "blocking sexual attraction" (BSA). Various articles of women warn that the phenomenon is growing. However, sexologists believe that this is a philosophical concept, rather than biological. If a man chooses not to make love, it does not mean that he BSA.

According to one theory, the roots of the freezing of sexual attraction to look at women's emancipation. Now some men are under constant pressure from the partners and feel that we should "do not roll in". Others have complained about a general underestimation of the role of men. A third are suffering because of the categorical women having a lack of understanding and even less sympathetic to the complex nature of the process of erection.If you have a problems, maybe perhaps you will advise any health drugs.
Sometimes, a man forced into relations, which he did not wish to. Justifying its stereotypical "the title of" strong man, he can not refuse partner. Men, like women who want to be altruistic that women do not feel rejected. Women should be aware of the existence of such problems.
-->The system of property rightsNew acclimation very quickly, much more difficult to discard the old, produced for centuries. By love, modern man, at least many of them, often feel themselves free of the sacrificed, sexually-propertied lifestyles of women, Declare some fashion magazines.

But the woman, according to the average, even more difficult than men to enter into a sexual relationship, because it risked a lot more. Some contraceptives are harmful to her health, not to mention the unwanted pregnancy and childbirth. Because of differences in the anatomical structure of a woman more susceptible to the risk of contracting AIDS.

Perhaps it is only natural that men need sexual initiative. Most men with pleasure play the role of the hunter. Why not? And to do that to someone who does not wish to hunt in modern emancipated women? It can limit their search for women, which is above all the old values.

The human mind strives for harmony. If consciousness and suspiciousness apart, there is no harmony. Man seeking domination over women, but seeks light relationships can be stressful impotence. His value system is at odds with reality. His subconscious discerned it faster than he.

Decide for yourself what values - old or new - you more impressed by, and act accordingly.

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