Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sexual health of men and recurring problems

Stress is defined as emotional state, affecting the entire body. In the event of a threatening situation, adrenal glands begin to produce stress hormones: adrenaline and noradrenalin. These hormones make the heart and respiratory organs to work more intensively, resulting in the muscle with blood comes more oxygen. Are beginning to spend extra fat and sugar - they are in the blood, and then to the muscles. Mucous membrane mouth dryer, pupils expand, stops sweating. Blocked the activity of all organs and systems, which are not needed to deal with danger. Blocked and the mechanism of erection.
The body and mind are in a state of alert. This condition can be described as an alternative: "Run or bores. The energy released through the stress hormone, helps to win or get away from the fight, if it is impossible to defeat.
However, in this way can not be overcome impotence. The fight does not give results, not by force to cause erection. The exodus means to turn a blind eye to the problem. Men choose the flight. They suffer from an inferiority complex, are losing faith in themselves, but it gradually leads to a stressful impotency. Stress impotence, usually attacks the best men. More sophistication and impressionable people, the more it is affected by stress factors.
Situational impotence - all said in the title. Mental desire physical proximity there, but erection does not occur or quickly recedes. This could be the situation, for example, the partners quarreled and failed to resolve the disputed issue. Situational impotence lasts long, it is a temporary phenomenon, and there is no need to pay attention to him.
But - and in the case of erection, there are many such "but" - if "evil spirits" time will not be expelled, will start the unconscious, which will link the minute impotence with the loss of erection. In memory of fixed representations relating to the experiences setbacks. In such men as Grant begins stress impotence.
Situational impotence rarely starts immediately. In order to commit to certain stereotypes of the subconscious, it takes a long time. Stress can affect erection much stronger than aware of this man. When stress is not impotence erection, because of its mechanism is blocked by stress hormones. Avoid prolonged stress. Treat erection with the respect that it deserves. It may be that you deal with these problems, you should consult a doctor who will advise you health drugs.

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