Friday, November 7, 2008

Male force kills stress

For every man question his sexual potency, on the one hand, very personal, on the other hand, often requires discussion with the partner and sexologist. Openness men often helps to maintain the harmonious relations within the family. A timely consultation with the sexologist - to keep health in general.
The reasons why men even at a young age overcome sexual disorders, including Erectile Dysfunction (the inability to maintain erection at the level necessary for full sexual intercourse) may be different.
Modern man with food and water uses large quantities of food macrobiotics - substances unnaturally origin.
For something one example of a big salary, a man often victims of other, paying little attention to the wife and child. If the situation is compounded by the difficult relationship with the head, with intermittent income and hard work, it just so doomed to chronic stress.
By the nature of man - a warrior-hunter, and it laid genetically inclined easier to transfer acute stress. But chronic, according to hydrologist, it gives them seriously. As a result - a bouquet of diseases, too chronic, leading to the same sexual disorders. A man falls sexuality and overall energy level.
Most often, with erectile dysfunction are receptacles of male sexual organ. Often, this occurs against the backdrop of cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, a violation lipid exchange, with diabetes and metabolic syndrome.
Chronic stress causes depression and neurosis, which, in turn, lead to disruptions in the sexual sphere. For example, such as expectations of sexual neurosis alarming failures débutante neurosis, overcompensation psychopath.
Permanent nervous tension gives to know about themselves, even with endocrine disruption, when the body produces insufficient male sex hormones androgens, which leads to congenital or age erectile dysfunction.
Naturally raises the question: Does a possible fight this? Prevention of sexual disorders actually no different from the generally accepted recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. Not to abuse alcohol, smoking and live a regular sex life, eat properly and monitor the physical form. But the main thing - to preserve harmony in the soul.It may be that you deal with these problems, you should consult a doctor who will advise you health drugs.
If a man has faced challenges in the intimate sphere - do not wait, you need to refer to the sexologist.

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