Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What substances badly affect the potency?

On the potency in men affects a lot of substance. Research in this area devoted an enormous amount of publications. It is a common medicines and so-called psychotropic substances - that is, substances that have an impact on the psyche. First of all, it is alcohol, nicotine and drugs.
Alcohol.The main reason for violations of the quality of erection on the background of alcohol is a violation of the functions of the liver and as a consequence - a violation of the exchange of male hormones that affect normal sexual function. Among other things drunk dulls tactile sensitivity, and as a result of having problems with the onset of ejaculation up to complete her absence.
Nicotine.Nicotine - the main harmful substance which is found in tobacco smoke inspired us. The main pathological effects of nicotine - persistent spasm (narrowing) of small-caliber vessels, including those furnished circulation penis. In addition, as found nicotine causes atherosclerosis - a dangerous disease that leads to increased variability and vascular congestion. Most often suffer from atherosclerosis vessels of the heart and brain, and as a result of a person may be myocardial infarction or stroke, which themselves are doing a normal sexual life impossible. But often there is narrowing or complete obstruction of vessels of the penis, in which case the patient develops permanent impotence.
Pharmaceuticals. Of course, the development of erectile dysfunction is a very rare side effect when receiving medication, and usually erectile dysfunction held following the lifting of such health drugs, but none the less you need to know about drugs that can cause such complications.

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