Monday, November 10, 2008

Mens health and depression

-->If a man has faced challenges in the intimate sphere - do not wait, you need to refer to the sexologist.
Men often forget that their main magnet in the eyes of women - is confidence. But this feeling - a multicomponent. That and health, and impeccable appearance and good work. This is not easy, given our rabid rhythm of life with increasing workloads, responsibility, constant stress, poor nutrition, so even the fact that not all can and know how to properly rest and recover. But it is necessary and must learn to improve their quality of life.
Dangerous long stress unnoticed in depression - the root of most male ailments (heart disease, impotence, male infertility, insomnia, depression). The most common adverse effects of stress occur in men who devote much time and do not know how to relax. Up to 73% of men suffer from inflammation of the prostate (prostate). The trouble is that the location of the prostate is very vulnerable to infections. In bad circumstances gland inflammation can lead to chronic prostate - almost the most common diseases of male sexual organs. The immediate cause of illness - one (infection), but the accompanying development of many diseases. This sedentary lifestyles and frequent constipation, and chronic inflammatory diseases, and "incomplete" orgasm, and irregular sexual activity. Some studies suggest that there is a link between chronic inflammation of the prostate and constant intoxication organism (nicotine, alcohol, drugs). Risk of chronic prostate for men, leading indiscriminate sexual activity and often be ailing sexually transmitted diseases are also very large. Of the other risk factors should pay attention to chronic trauma (shaking, vibrations from the cyclists and fans of riding a motorcycle). If not treated or treated incorrectly, that a few years after the occurrence of chronic prostate develop the disease, threatening to infertility and treatment for male infertility has been more difficult problem. And, of course, a consequence of running prostate may be impotence. Treatment of prostate - complex, which includes antibiotics, massage, fizzy and immunotherapy, nutrition, exercise, walking, sleep and rest. Try to observe the lives of some simple rules, namely: in sexually transmitted infections do not engage in self - to a professional; behave as possible, regular sex life, with constipation - use laxative do not freeze and not sitting in the cold.
It may be that you deal with these problems, you should consult a doctor who will advise you health drugs. Sexual disorders in men occur often enough: on the various data available from 50 - 70%. Men usually go to the doctor complaining of declining sex, impotence, premature ejaculation or impede.

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