Tuesday, November 18, 2008

As to be expected following prolonged admission «Viagra»?

The topic of concern to many. Can such as the harm long-term prescription of the drug. Will not it lead to the depletion of certain mechanisms responsible for erection. This question is often asked healthy men wishing to try the «Viagra» to make some diversity in sexual activity.
In a world still have no data and observing people, which has long had a «Viagra». It would be wrong to say that in the long, for several years, have received the drug could not come any side effects. Even if someone seems obvious. All the more so that humanity knows many examples of how totally harmless drug later proved the bearer of unpleasant side effects, which were discovered only after decades of use. Nevertheless, if it is optimistic look to the future-«Viagra» has gone through a huge number of clinical trials, experiments in vitro ( "in vitro) and for as long as there are blue pills, did not reveal any evidence for the fact that prolonged use sildenafil could lead to any serious consequences. Not to mention some mythical depletion nerve centers responsible for a normal erection.

Because of the foregoing, it can be concluded that there is so far the knowledge of the drug Viagra allows patients to designate the drug as for occasional, and for long-term treatment of erectile dysfunction. Of course, taking into account all the precautions, such as age, etc.In order not to harm their health, the application should be interesting to learn more about your product, because it should take only healthy drugs.

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