Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What wins the woman if her partner takes «Viagra»?

«Viagra» can bring tangible benefits to women, even if the drug did not take themselves and their sexual partners. Many couples admitted that after receiving «Viagra» their sexual life has greatly improved, for example, because the man after receiving «Viagra» longer than usual to maintain the erection. Others noted that «Viagra» contributed to the extension of sex that naturally help women achieve orgasm.

What is very important - is the disappearance of many men against a backdrop of the admission «Viagra» so-called «fear of failure» - psychological phenomenon, which often develops in men, victims fiasco during sex. This phenomenon is characterized by the development of persistent fear of sex in connection with fear of failure, and it can develop and men who are, in principle, quite healthy people, because failure could occur at any men against a backdrop of psycho-emotional loads, fatigue, etc. . However, this may lead it to the development of «fear of failure», which makes further sexual activity among men is very problematic.

As a result of the disappearance of «fear of failure» both partners receive more pleasure from sex. Many women also noted that after receiving «Viagra» their partners became more sensual lovers - the drug raised the confidence men, which, of course, and makes it more tender with a woman.

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