Monday, November 10, 2008

Stress and mens health

The main feature of male behavior - an aggressive offensive. We must all away, every catch. Many of these people quickly achieve success. They do not know how to rest, relax, considering it a waste of time. Do not know how to stop to look back, reflect on that front and what all of this. They plant: this is done, tomorrow we'll have to go further. In this insane race for life has no place either wives or children who exist by themselves, although all seem to be done for their benefit. It is such behavior and provoke the disease, primarily heart. In fact, men confronted with stressful situations, coping with them is much worse than women. For shortly, the ability to keep problems within itself, the desire to be a winner in all circumstances «strong sex» usually pays health. Insomnia, headaches, hypertension, stomach ulcer, sexual impotence - these are far from a complete list of satellites men's experiences. A forty-five could become disabled as a result of a heart attack or stroke. These diseases now considered to be masculine ...
A person must understand that it is not strictly follow the designated social stereotypes: a workable, hardy reaching. You must learn to look at the situation from different sides and discuss it. Nonstop for success, losing in this marathon, friends and loved ones, and then - and themselves.
How to identify stress?
Manage Stress is not in our power. But it can be seen approaching and advance to take action.
Physical signs
Headache, pain in the spine, heartburn, pain in the chest, nausea, intermittent shallow breathing, dizziness, allergies, high blood pressure, muscle spasm - these signals gives weary of overheating the body.
Psychological signals
Depression. It usually makes itself felt the emergence of irritability. In stressful situation, the man feels that losing control over some aspects of life. Signs of deterioration of physical and mental condition increased many times over.
Disorganize. Stress absorbs the attention and minimizes the concentration of memory for anything. The result could be negligence, distraction, acceptance of erroneous decisions.
Defensive positions. The emergence of such a signal reflects inadequate men claim to be «to be a man». It should not be weak, the impact of yield stress. Sometimes this position - no more than a game to the public, and sometimes conviction, which leads to low self-evaluation and self-flagellation. Trying not to impending stress, many men are despotic any disagreement take as an attempt to humiliate the dignity and shatter credibility.
Dependence. Some men were stressed, lose self-confidence, the ability to act. It starts with the degradation of stress: they would remain the same - self-confident, competent, but all the forces go to hide their condition from others.
Loss of merit. The difficulty with decision-making and implementation conceived.
Changing behavior
The man begins to frustrate the evil in their home. Rudeness, insularity - all this indicates stress. Increased appetite, a propensity for overeating, alcohol abuse. Smoker unconsciously many smokers. Typically, «residents of stress» lose interest in sex.It may be that you deal with these problems, you should consult a doctor who will advise you health drugs.

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