Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Smoking and health

The harm of smoking for men. Nicotine very unfortunate impact on the sexual possibilities of smokers, especially those who are still young. As evidenced by recent studies on the dangers of smoking for men's health, abacus, including the good, significantly increases the likelihood of impotence.
The harm of smoking in adulthood. As it turned out, is especially dangerous to smoke 40-year-old man. Those who applied to cigarettes in this age, the risk of being impotent to three times higher than for nonsmokers. A 50-60-year-old representatives of a strong gender weak erection can also be attributed to fad nicotine, but not as much as 40 years.
But 70-year nicotine is no longer in a position to damaging. At this age, men become impotent for other reasons. Here, in the first place are: diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. "Smoking is more apparent impact on erectile dysfunction (both doctors called impotence) in young smokers than among older people," - described in the report of Hades and Jacobson, published in the latest issue of the professional edition of American Journal of Epidemiology.
The harm of smoking to the circulatory system. So far, however, do not understand why this happens. It is believed that smoking is bad effect on the circulatory system, which does not have enough blood penis, preventing erection. Incidentally, if a man does not benefit women and that he did not smoke - hence, the badinage serious problems with the circulatory system.
The harm of smoking to the circulatory system. "Erectile dysfunction is often a manifestation of underlying cardiovascular disease, it is preceded by steroidal and can be early warning about this" - said Dry. Andrew Mak-Kallog, director of male sexual health at New York University. It's like with water, continues the scientist. If you include tap in the kitchen, but no water, this does not mean that it necessarily broken: it is possible that clogged pipes.
A similar situation with the sexual system in men. If it remains indifferent to the intimate proximity with a favorite person, this does not mean that came out of a male "tap". It is possible that the work it prevents organic "dirt" and "rust" - cholesterol, which settles on the walls of arteries and impedes the current blood.
Serious Think about the harm of smoking, it is better to quit. The main thing to remember, to avoid health problems need time to see a doctor, who will pick up your good health drugs.

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