Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Infertility smokers

Infertility smokers ... Until such a diagnosis does not exist, but perhaps all is that he can not become less common conclusion than many other connecting, at first glance, unrelated events among themselves.

No one has long had no doubt that smoking harms health, increasing the risk of developing lung disease, stomach, heart, vascular, liver, etc. Later it became known that among women who habitually smoking in the analysis, less mature eggs, and their survival and the ability to cut insemination. And it shows, no matter the age or the excellent overall health of future mothers. Perhaps this is a most subtle damage reproductive cells, which occurs long before the whole body will suffer. In any case, such a phenomenon is known in areas with adverse environmental conditions, which has been steadily increasing percentage of sterile couples and children born with congenital pathology. The main thing to remember, to avoid health problems need time to see a doctor, who will pick up your good health drugs.

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