Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sexual neuroses

Sexual neuroses - is psychogenic reversible functional disorder sexual sphere. Sexual neuroses manifest violations of sexual function in men or women under the psychological traumatic experience factors. Highlights 2 group of neurotic disorders: neuroses (more severe and prolonged state) and neurotic reaction (more light and short-term disorder).
By sexual neurosis include sexual misconduct that have arisen as a result of distorted, neurotic personality development in childhood, long-term exposure to traumatic factors. Such neuroses manifest themselves at the first attempt to start a joint life and chronic flow.
When sexual neurosis except for violations of sexual function disorders, there are usually other systems, common manifestations of neurosis. Most experts considered unreasonable allocation of separate sexual neuroses, sexual neurasthenia, mental impotence as sexual disorders cause or consequence of neurotic states. Any form of sexual neurosis (hysterical, neurosis obsessions states, neurotic depression, neurasthenia) may be sexual violations: from modest decline in sex (libido) to the total lack of erection or ejaculation in men. There may be situations where neurosis arises against the backdrop of a sexual disorder, caused no trauma and other causes.It may be that you deal with these problems, you should consult a doctor who will advise you health drugs.
Sexual neurotic reactions occur at any age, developed after exposure to traumatic factor. Traumatic factor is usually well known and understood patients. The most common mental injuries are systematic adultery or abandonment of the family of one of the spouses. For a woman traumatic factor is the low sexual culture and lack of sexual experience with a partner, rape, abortion, fear of unwanted pregnancy, men - women misconduct, fright during sexual intercourse, contamination or fear of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. It is important to insufficient knowledge of psychophysiology sexuality.

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