Monday, December 15, 2008

For the men's health

If you talk about men's health, then start it should be noted features of men. Differ is powered women and men? After all, we all eat the same food, not merely men's and women's meals, no men's and women's restaurants, but recently doctors and dietitians are increasingly talking about "male" and "feminine" diet.
What is wrong?
The answer is simple: there is a list of foods that are very positive impact it is the male (or female) health. Since it came exactly on the men, then stop for food for men. Let's try to compile a portrait of the average male.
Typically, the average man - pronounced eat meat, giving a nourishing and fatty meat dishes of meat and poultry. In addition, most men abused smoking and spirits. It is among men negligible percentage of vegetarians, and men are very keenly experiencing life's turmoil and the problems all by trying not to show the mind. More recently, demographers, doctors, and indeed the entire population, including men themselves, not the joke of concern the sharp increase in morbidity and mortality among the male population. Increasingly, you can hear a proposal to reduce the retirement age for men for the simple reason that many simply do not survive to retirement age! Statistics looks terrible. Therefore, public attention is gradually shifting to no awareness of the problem (it has long been understood), and at its decision. And one of the main reasons for this state of affairs is unhealthy diet and not picked diet.
Specialists in nutrition agree that it is very useful for all types of male health seafood. Seafood except for the high content of nutrients, improving cardiovascular activity, a significant percentage of zinc. Zinc prevents the development of diseases related to the prostate, improves immunity and potency, promotes healing, increases the formulation of sperm. Surplus of zinc in the body found quite difficult, usually found in the misuse of zinc-containing drugs, but lack the substance extremely negative impact on men's health. So the best way to fill the shortage of zinc - regularly eat seafood. One of the main characteristics of men is to maintain muscle and bone mass. In this case, there is no universal product that fully resolves the problem. Therefore, if a young man or a man faced with a shortage of muscle mass or even dystrophy (also a frequent especially among young people) in the first place is to think about nutrition. The main thing to remember, to avoid health problems need time to see a doctor, who will pick up your good health drugs.

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