Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sexual Health

Sexual health - or sexual health - is a set of somatic, emotional and social aspects of sexual life. Sexual health positively enriches the person, increases the sociability of man and his ability to love. Everyone has the right to information in the field of sexuality and sex education, both believed the World Health Organization.
Sexual health of men and women - condition for optimal implementation embodied in the person of opportunities, its individual, biological and social characteristics.
Normal sexual health, men and women - is their ability to control pleasure and sexual behavior and reproduction in accordance with the norms of social and personal ethics. This freedom from fear, shame and guilt, misconceptions and psychological factors that suppress sexual response and violating the sexual relationship. Sexual health implies the absence of organic disorders, diseases, preventing the implementation of sexual and reproductive functions.It may be that you deal with these problems, you should consult a doctor who will advise you health drugs.
The ability to control pleasure and sexual behavior in humans is gradually emerging in the development process. Before the onset of a mature man is not considered sexual health. In everyday life the state of sexual health and sexual disorder depend on the constitution and age, men or women, social conditions, especially sexual partner.

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