Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kiss for health

Anyone who likes to kiss, live on average 12 years longer than someone who does not like this activity. But that's not all pluses kiss ...
Prevents stress
Kiss calms the nervous system and prevents stress. When we kissing in our body not only occur various biochemical reactions, crushing stress hormones, but hormones are happy - endocrine. For one kiss in the body is released soothing dose of hormones, exceeding the minimum dose of morphine! That is why lovers kiss - is optimistic, self-confidence.
It helps lose weight
Each kiss burned about 12 collieries. Minute of this pleasant contact amounted to scamper for 500 meters. Just three kiss a day - and a kilogram as there is no! Not surprisingly, the lovers are always very lose flesh: is he does not want, but kissing ...
Soothes the pain
Kiss is good to maintain the overall tone the body. But even this step - a powerful therapeutic tool that has no side effects and contraindications. Thanks within the saliva hormone endocrine long passionate kiss can be very effective anesthetics, such as headache or toothache.
Reduces the risk of heart attack
The easiest kissing increases the frequency of cuts heart. This blood runs faster on the receptacle, which is very beneficial to the cells: they get more oxygen. After the kiss lungs begin to work strenuously mode: 60 inhalations per minute instead of the usual 20. Such «ventilation» - the best prevention of lung disease. Scientists also found that long, passionate kiss, not only lowers blood pressure, but also the amount of cholesterol in the blood, thus reducing the risk of heart attack.
Kissing and dentists recommend. The staff of the Chicago Dental Institute found that the increased allocation of saliva, rich in calcium and phosphorus compounds, protects teeth from caries no worse than «Orbit» without sugar. DRP. Elf Being of the Austrian Academy of General Medicine argues that the kiss is helping to develop immunity.
It has rejuvenating effect
The physical benefits kissing is to train, which are subject to various areas of: it was shown that in the kiss involving 31 muscle language and lip and 25 facial muscles. The skin is better supplied with blood and slow aging. But remember: all useful characteristics kiss emanate from him when he was really passionate and desirable. And it is important to remember that it is not necessary to postpone the visit to the doctor, because only a good specialist can recommend the correct treatment and a healthy drug.

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