Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pain in the testicles

Pain in the testicles. This is probably one of the most acute senses that a man can move in their lives. Even if the pain is not related to an immediate threat to life and health, she unnerve the man, is the fear of death, accompanied by heavy sweating, nausea and vomiting.
The most common pain in the testicles occurs in acute trauma scrotum. More rarely, it develops gradually, if the injury scrotum chronic and not too strong in itself. Violation of the integrity of the testicles are extremely rare, but the usual blow to this delicate organ can lead to immediate loss of consciousness.
Sometimes, severe pain in the testicles developed against the backdrop of a full well-being, without any impact on the scrotum. It happens when overview testicle. Testicle suspended for seed funicular, which contains the blood vessels and deferent duct. Sometimes testicle modifies its position, twisting around the longitudinal axis. This leads to overview seed funicular at 360 degrees, interrupting blood testis, squeezing deferent duct. If not provided urgent medical care (up to the surgery), the testicle may be to die out.
Pain in the testicles with epidemics - inflammation appendage testicle - may also be a strong past endurance. But the man himself may be felt scrotum and what testis increased, while painful touch. Message to the doctor necessarily - an inflammation can lead to infertility and impotency.
Varicose, as a cause of acute pain in the testicles, it is quite rare. Typically, if the varicose is accompanied by pain, it is growing steadily, although it may have a strong character and unendurable.
Inguinal hernia can cause pain in the testicles, if the scrotum down a large volume of intestine, which provides physical pressure on the testicles.
It's a pain in the testicles, as a reflection of pain sensitivity with Chronic lung disease, tumors and kidney cyst. A survey from the urologist is needed if you do not see the real causes of pain.
What are the symptoms of dangerous and require treatment to a doctor?
1. You feel the pain you touch the one or both testicles.
2. One testicle was larger than the other, a lighter, altered form.
3. You felt sudden pain in the testicle.
4. You felt the pain in the scrotum, which has been gradually increasing.
5. You feel pain in the scrotum, which is accompanied by nausea, faintness, vomiting, increased body temperature.
6. The pain came after the injury scrotum and not subsided within an hour.
7. In the control testicles feeling you have identified one of the testicles or uneven camber (painful or painless), which did not exist previously.
Do not try to wait the pain - sometimes it goes against the backdrop of scarring in the testis, or deferent duct.A this is infertility.
The main thing to remember, to avoid health problems need time to see a doctor, who will pick up your good health drugs.

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