Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mens Health Problems

Men are more and more young adults are faced with sexual problems - such a disappointing conclusion was made by sexologists on the results of studies conducted in several countries.

If earlier about potential violations of the doctors consulted mainly people over 55 years, in recent years, more than 40% of all those who applied for assistance were men under the age of 40 years. According to surveys, only 13% of respondents satisfied with the quality of sexual life. The remaining 87% admit that their reproductive capabilities are poor and are even willing to make efforts to improve their sex life, including taking drugs

Meanwhile, the potency is considered an important indicator not only of the male libido, and overall health. Its violation may indicate a serious cardiovascular or endocrine diseases. Therefore, the solution of problems of sexual health doctors believe a necessary step to increase the duration and quality of life of men.

In Israel the situation is too complicated. While Israelis confidently hold a worthy place in the top ten on the frequency of sex, opportunities to engage them often leave much to be desired. Failure "in the forefront," found in 21% of men aged 20-30 years, 27% - 30-40 years, 48% - 40-50 years, 53% - after 50 years.

But not so sad: Israeli sexologists sure: whatever the cause impotence can be cured in 95% of cases. Sometimes the problem can be solved very quickly - a man just needs to "refuel" testosterone - the male sex hormone that affects sexual function and sexual desire. If the problem lies deeper - there are 11 more effective treatments for sexual disorders.

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