Thursday, June 7, 2012

Syndrome - Testosterone Deficiency

Syndrome, testosterone deficiency is reflected in reduced libido and erectile disorders appear different. Erectile dysfunction is directly linked to age-related decline in testosterone levels. About 40% of men over the age of forty years, noted difficulties in cases of sexual contact, they are not able to maintain an erection available or can not reach it.

Half of the specified number of men in age from forty to seventy years old, 70% of this group with erectile problems over seventy years. Testosterone deficiency syndrome affects an estimated 0.1% of the total male population. Twelve percent of men over the age of thirty years of experience in varying degrees of testosterone deficiency.Testosterone deficiency syndrome have different age groups of men.

In the group aged 45-54 years SCP was found in 34% of men, according to research by German doctors, just as many complaints pointed to the primary care physicians to the problem of lack of testosterone. Results are experiencing the same problem according to the German Institute for 39% of men.At the same time accompanied by a testosterone deficiency in more than half of the obese, forty percent of the cases - hyperlipidemia. European scientists conducted a study which was attended by over 400 men aged 50-86 years, gave evidence that the reduction of testosterone causes a decrease in sex drive, vitality, followed by erectile dysfunction.

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