Monday, June 11, 2012

The risk of developing Parkinson's disease in men can be prevented

Scientists decided to investigate the degree of beneficial effects on the human body of specific compounds contained mainly in the berries.
Doctors do know that these substances can reduce the risk of a large number of diseases, including heart disease, hypertension, certain cancers and dementia. Scientists from Harvard conducted a large-scale study involving 130 thousand men and women who are in total were followed for 20 years.
As a result, a detailed analysis of the results, it was found that the flavonoids in terms of development of degenerative brain diseases fundamentally different impact on male and female body. In men, a diet high in fruits will reduce the risk of developing Parkinson's disease by 40%. Surprisingly, a similar effect in women nor there at all. That is, from the use of foods high in flavonoids risk of developing Parkinson's disease may increase, while the benefits to the heart and blood vessels, as well as reducing the risk of some other disease is present in women just as much as men. Scientists have not yet taken to give any explanation for this phenomenon.

This study is very relevant, since last year, according to official statistics in the United States the incidence of Parkinson's disease has reached its historical high of 1 in 500 people, and experts predict that in the near future this figure will only grow.

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