Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stress resistance of male and female body

Scientists have conducted some interesting studies about how to relate to stress and depression of male and female organisms. In the course of these studies found that women are not unpleasant to say it, experiencing longer than men. The response of male and female body in stressful situations completely different.

American scientists have explained this fact by the fact that psychological stress in men and women activated different parts of the brain. The same conclusion can be reached, and when viewing statistics. The rate of mental disorders, stress, depression, increased anxiety syndrome in women is 2 times higher than the average man. It should be noted that women are not lucky and the mechanism of restoring the body after a stressful situation. The fact that the normal activity of the brain, after a stressful situation is reversed for women longer than men. Scientists explain the evolution of this fact.

The fact that a man in ancient times was free to resist the stimulus, well, or hide from it. But the women, homemakers, care about posterity, and not daring to leave, had to come to terms with stress. This explains the fact that men in stressful situations are able to keep a low profile and quiet, their brains are specifically focused on the decision facing him problems, whereas women experience such difficulty and therefore decisions are made by women in stressful situations, too difficult.

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