Monday, June 25, 2012


Urethritis is perhaps the most common inflammatory disease of the urinary system in men. This is not surprising. After all, the representatives of the strong half of mankind, not only the urethra into contact with urine, but with a liquid that forms in the prostate gland. That is why the infection can get into the urethra in different ways (from the prostate, bladder, kidney, and from the outside).

Decided to allocate infectious and noninfectious urethritis.

As is already clear from the title, responsible for infectious urethritis are bacterial, viral or fungal agents.

Non-infectious urethritis is caused by trauma urethra during cystoscopy and catheterization, as well as the derivation of the stones to remove kidney stones.

For male urethritis is characterized by itching and burning sensation when urinating. A little later they were replaced by intense pain. We can also observe the discharge from the urethra, in severe cases of purulent character mixed with blood. Most often they are observed in the morning, after sleeping, have a yellowish color and odor.

Some men with urethritis after a long night's rest may be a blockage of the urethra.

Urethritis in men may be complicated by pyelonephritis, prostatitis and cystitis.

For the diagnosis of the disease are informative analyzes of urine - first general to confirm the inflammatory process in the urinary tract. In this case, the inflammatory changes are most pronounced in the first urine sample, indicating that the disease is the urethra.

Treatment of urethritis should be comprehensive. It includes antiseptic, antibiotic, increased drinking water treatment, drinking cranberry juice, etc. In severe cases may require flushing the urethra with an antiseptic solution and the introduction of drugs directly into the urethra.

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