Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Snoring - signal of disorder!

Until the middle of last century, rumbling snore was considered a sign of a excellent health. Then it became clear this is a serious problem that can significantly impair health.

Broken hearts

Not so long ago, British psychologists have calculated that the snoring of a spouse cause of 6-12% of divorces. Snoring man can not hear himself snoring, but his family are forced to toss and turn from side to side, trying to sleep under the roulades, the level of noise at times comparable to the work of a pneumatic drill.

Drilling the wall is accompanied by the sound power of 70-90 dB, the volume of human snoring can range from 20 to 85 dB. It is not surprising that the wife (and snoring in 60% of men)had to go in another room. However, a problem not only in the fact that the booming sounds interfere with others.

To the breathing process is proceeding normally, the muscles palate, pharynx and tongue should be in good shape. Once they weaken — and the airways are narrowed, and the nasal tissue to vibrate when you inhale. Because of this, and there is a particular sound.

Among people over 30 snore every five years, and among those who turned 65, every second. The muscles weaken significantly due to the reception on the night of alcohol or because of extreme fatigue. We often start to snore during the cold when the air is hard to pass through the nose.

If breathing problems during sleep, occur only occasionally, nothing to worry about. But if a person became a "quaver" every night is an occasion to see a doctor. The constant snoring may indicate a deviated septum, the expansion of the adenoids or nasalpolyps. And also signal problems with the thyroid gland. When she produces enough hormone in humans there is swelling, including the larynx because of this bad airpasses through the respiratory tract. But the most unpleasant option when snoring becomes a harbinger or first symptom of obstructive sleep apnea.

So called apnea, which occur when the airways are closed so that no leak air into the lungs. As a result, the body lacks oxygen, and because of this suffering without exception all the organs and tissues. Under particularly strong attack gets the cardiovascular system. Snoring with pauses in breathing a direct way to increase the pressure, arrhythmias, it significantly increases the risk of stroke and coronary heart disease. Other complications of oxygen starvation reduced potency, and impaired memory. Therefore, if the closest they say that the person snores loudly, and then calms down and then again sharply snoring, dismissing heir complaints in any case impossible.

By the way, this is one of the few occasions when he could guess the snoring problem.To stop breathing resumed after, the body must withdraw from the phase of deep sleep. Thanks to the work of muscles activated nasopharynx, and to breathe easier.However, the constant "wake" lead to the fact that people are not getting enough sleep as it should. In the morning he feels weary and frustrated, sleepy, and sometimes feels a headache. If you have any other ailments,immediately contact a sleep doctor

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