Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Role Of Genetics In Weight Gain

Often, if a man understands the problem, this excess weight begins reliance on genetics. Indeed, it is proved that almost 100% of men are obese, someone in the family is also overweight or obese (mom, dad, brother, sister, children).

There are several gene mutations (changes) that can cause obesity. These mutations often also contribute to the development of Type II diabetes and other endocrine diseases. However, scientists have proved that most often affects the lives realization of gene mutations. That is, even in the presence of genetically caused obesity is a factor it is possible to maintain a healthy weight throughout life. An example is an experiment in which the birth mother, suffering from obesity, a pair of identical twins, the children were separated. The first child was left in the family of the biological mother and father (both obese), the second child was placed in a foster family, where the priorities are healthy eating and physical activity. After 20 years, first the young man suffered from overweight, the other was healthy and athletic. This experiment clearly shows that not everything depends on genetics.

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