Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Liver And Sexuality

It is hardly surprising that today, hormonal disturbances, with all its consequences in the form of violations of potency and libido, as well as prostate adenoma, pursuing an increasing number of men younger than 45 years!

Since we are talking about the old man, it's worth noting the following: in accordance with the professional terminology urologist, andrology, men younger than 60 years are called "young". Why not? The fact that the rate of aging of the male body (andropause), popularly called "male menopause," must begin no earlier than 60 years. Active aging male body is run in conjunction with a significant decrease in testosterone during andropause. As a result, males decreased muscle mass, bone density, problems begin with the joints, fading libido and potency. In addition, often develop metabolic syndrome, and as a consequence of his heart disease.
Recall that the metabolic syndrome, the doctors called a "pre-diabetes type 2": reduced insulin sensitivity, obesity develops in the abdomen, sharply increases the level of "bad" cholesterol, which is the main cause of atherosclerosis. Decrease in testosterone levels entails violations in psycho-emotional sphere: there are lethargy, irritability, apathy, many marked symptoms of depression.

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