Monday, April 2, 2012

Treatment of early ejaculation

Modern princip treatment of early ejaculation, is based on four basic methods of therapeutic interventions:
- A topical treatment;
- Sex therapy;
- Pharmacological treatment;
- Surgery.

It is worth noting that the local and pharmacological treatment - are specific methods for solving the problem, giving only a temporary improvement with early ejaculation. For a stable positive result, it takes a long comprehensive treatment of early ejaculation. Sex therapy, as a more effective method of eliminating early ejaculation, has its drawbacks, chief among which is a necessary condition of having a permanent partner, with whom men trust. The surgery allows for a very short time to achieve a positive result, which is then maintained throughout life. In addition, this approach may be the result of a rough estimate even before the intervention. Local treatment of early ejaculation is based on use during sexual contact, anesthetics, which block transmission of signals along nerve fibers, which are located in the head and shaft of penis male. Local treatment of early ejaculation are two ways:
- The use of condoms with special lubricant;
- The use of certain lubricants before sexual intercourse.

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