Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Useful properties of apples

Apples, perhaps, the most popular fruits on our table. Their year-round happy to eat children and adults. These fruits are part of many, even the most sophisticated, culinary dishes.
Healthy eating is also not possible without inclusion in the diet of apples. Of course, for medical prophylaxis is necessary to select those varieties that are most appropriate person in their properties - the sugar content, acidity, etc. An example is the use of fresh sour-sweet apples with colitis, gastritis and biliary dyskinesia, when gastric acidity is reduced.

The seeds of apples have in their composition a large amount of iodine. Daily need for this element can be satisfied by eating just a few grains. Folk medicine has long used the fruit baked in the ashes. They gave patients with pleurisy. When colitis drink sweet apples, grated on a grater.

Apple diet will help with excess weight. A healthy lifestyle should always include the fasting days in the diet. During this period, once a week, it will be useful one day to eat apples. Their number should be equal to one-half kilograms. The same diet will help, and suffering from hypertension or edema of the people.

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