Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Men And Erections

In men, there is a very vulnerable place - it is an erection, it is very finely tuned mechanism. Statistics is a proof of this fact: after the age of 40 years or that erectile dysfunction is 39% of men in the group after 50 years - is 69%. Fortunately, not only male but also female population, in most cases, the problem has a solution. Often, this issue is not related to poor environmental and nervous work, but the ordinary ignorance.

Every man, afraid to be impotent, compares himself to the norm. But now the norm itself in the matter of sexual relations is so different for men, specialists, experts on the subject simply does not call for specific numbers of the "norm." It just depends on many factors such as temperament, age, specific work, individual characteristics, relationship with women in general and specific to the particular circumstances of life, and so on. So - an amazing thing for a healthy male norm can be of three sex acts per day to one a month.

Still, the average data are more specific: for men younger than 30 years, the average number of 3 or more acts in a week, after a 30 - 2-3 times a week, from 60 years of age and older - once every 8-9 days. Moreover, specialists in andrology male sexuality is considered the norm, 30 45-year-old man is able to perform a sex act per week. And if a man does not comply with the latest standard, not a week or two, but months and years, while experts say - not impotence and erectile dysfunction (ED).

Three degrees:

1 Easy - the problem is rarely seen, the frequency can not be established;
2 Moderate - every second case of a "misfire", the man is going through, sexuality lose their job satisfaction, but attempts to continue it;
3 Weight - one of five successful attempts, now a man avoids sexual contact.

Every man should know that there is no limit sexual acts, each released by nature. In sex, as in sport, the more - the better. Sexual intercourse for the endocrine, respiratory, muscular, cardio-vascular system is training. In a two-year sexual abstinence among men "unnecessary" feature dies, man becomes indifferent to sex - the so-called syndrome widower. If there was a break in a sexual relationship, the first time, problems are almost inevitable. Some attribute this to the woman's marital  infidelity and everything is just the opposite - erection problems are caused by forced abstinence.

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