Friday, April 27, 2012


Orchitis - inflammation of the testicles is usually a complication after myocardial mumps. The disease occurs with a sudden fever, the patient's swollen and painful testicle. Symptoms persist for about a week. In the future, perhaps a gradual decrease in the size of the testicles (the so-called "shrinking") until the complete atrophying. This process may continue for a long time (two months) after the disease. Except for the most severe cases of testicular atrophy does not lead to complete infertility. However the affected testicle, usually produces less sperm than healthy.

To avoid the irreversible consequences of the patient must be under constant medical supervision until complete recovery.

Epididymitis - an inflammation of the epididymis, accompanied by an increase in the scrotum and a sharp pain in the testicles. The disease usually is unilateral. Symptoms of epididymitis include even a fever, painful urination, and spontaneous. The cause of disease, usually a viral infection or a fungal disease. In the absence of a timely and proper treatment of inflammation of the epididymis can lead to infertility and impotence.

Prostatitis, an inflammatory process occurring in the tissues of the prostate gland. The pathology usually is caused by a viral infection, hypothermia, prolonged sexual abstinence, untimely emptying of the bladder, a sedentary lifestyle. The disease is sometimes asymptomatic, but in severe cases, accompanied by pain in the perineum and scrotum, painful and frequent urination, chills and fever.

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